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Where in religion does god sanction people to randomly murder police?

Islamic State video published yesterday showed French-speaking jihadis telling Muslims in Europe: 'If you see a police officer in the street, kill him. Kill them all.

Separation of church & state

Just where in any religion is it said that followers should kill police?

 - or -

What god condones telling anonymous people to kill anonymous people? - or murdering anyone?

While prophets Moses, Abraham, and David were murderers, none of them ever is quoted as saying that god made them do it, nor did they do so 'in the name of god'.

Were prophets Jesus, Mohammed, or John (the Baptist) murderers? Was Adam? Eve?
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I think that to answer the question of if someone is a murderer we would need to agree of a definition of a murderer. Without that we will be arguing in circles.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Yep, there's the rub. With commandments making it more difficult using translation providing 'kill' rather than original 'murder'.

The former is typically sanctioned by law or social order, while the latter leads to one having to go 'on the lam'. Moses had to scurry way out, to 'get outta dodge' and go into hiding. Juxtapose that to reasoning of John the Baptist, to soldiers, that if killing is part of your job description, fair enough, do it well, just do not go on to being abusive (such as robbing the men, raping the women). The soldiers were said to both understand meaning and accept its value. David also hid and lied but did not run, being the chief dude after-all, who was around who would openly disagree?

- where 'sanctioned', it remains as 'justified' killing but not murder

- ergo, murder is unsanctioned kill

- thus military may kill when in battle, yet may not 'get away with' separate murder for self enrichment

Police are meant to be among public servants, providing for general welfare - locally.
While the original question has victim seemingly innocent (includes fellow believers), before I head on towards attempt at answering, let me revert to asking it:

MQ: Just Where In Any Religion Is It Said That Followers Should Kill Police?

After all, I just have to admit to not knowing-all, remaining in need of education. Find some 'answer',  Then there could be further discussion. As for other 'prophets', they may well have performances that were under-reported, or less continually reported on over time.
To rephrase the questions, many religions sanction killing, but few if any, maybe Devil worshipers, sanction murder. Where we run into a problem is what is killing for one is considered murder by another. Now, if we all agree to a baseline belief system, than we could clearly define a set of religions which in our opinion sanction murder.
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SunBowAuthor Commented:
Not sure if it matters, but add to the question the issue of Jordanian pilots. Main two additions are, that they are individually identified by Islamic State and a price is placed on their head. Result is more like a wanted poster from American West, just changing nature of paper product to electronic one. A third addition could be in form of charges, or title "Wanted Dead" on the posters for bounty hunters.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
> kill him

so they murder policewoman

> anonymous
> prophets .. were murderers

I'd like to have pursued those angles further

> maybe Devil worshipers

Another angle leaving room for development, whether they can be called a religion, and whether a preewquisite would be they have belief in god

> sanction

Eiger sanction vs sanction on Cuba, Iran, Russia...
Same word seems to have opposite meanings

> the issue of Jordanian pilots

As an aside, that also raises questions or has modifier concerning video of the burning alive. One is that the video appears to show pilot divulging specific information to captors. Not much sign of torture beyond sporting black eye. It did not save his life. Another is the pilot is only shown in about 10% of video. The rest is about PR on results of bombings, more shown than by the West, wounded children, including girls, corpses and injured from rubble. I do not recall it having women.

> prophets Moses, Abraham, and David were murderers

Observation: This went unrefuted

Without any other experts joining in for weeks, it is time for a closure and for moving on to other open questions.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Closed. TY.

In sum, conclusion is that more work is needed to define, clarify, distinguish what is or is not meant by religion, murder, killing - while perhaps done elsewhere in law or dogma, baseline needed for EE experts forming their comments. Our more recent attempts were for defining prophets and incest.
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