switch to switch different ips

I have two switches, two IP addresses. One switch with IP from first subnet, Second switch with IP from second subnet. I need one port to connect the two.

What do I need to do and how to get these two to talk and be able to access both of them from my machine?
JenniferIT DirectorAsked:
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JenniferConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I have...

HP1 - gateway, configuration

hostname "Procurve Switch 1"
no qos dscp-map 101110
interface 45
   name "VOICE"
ip default-gateway
ip routing
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
snmp-server host "public"
vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   untagged 1-44,46-48
   ip address
   tagged 45
vlan 2
   name "Voice"
   untagged 45
   ip address
ip route

Luxul 1 - I need to be phones
I have set an ip address of
I have added a vlan, under qos there is a place to set voice vlan, I have tagged port 24. I am just learning Luxul switches so I am not sure how to get a config print, or exactly how to set some of this up, here is a link http://luxul.com/wp-content/documents/UG/LUX-UG-XMS-1024P.pdf

I am using a server to configure. I have two network connections. I have one set with an ip of using as gateway. I have the other set using with gateway of

If I disable the connection for 172.16.4.X then I can no longer reach that subnet, I can only reach 172.16.20.X ip's
If I disable connection for 172.16.20.X then I can't access it anymore I can only access 172.16.4.X ip's

What this is telling me that I the phones on subnet 172.16.20.x are not going to talk to my network...?
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
You need two network cards.
JenniferIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I am not sure I understand. I have two network cards on my server that I will be configuring them on. I just need to know how to configure them to talk to each other through one port. (One is going to be for phones and the other for data)

As far as accessing them I want to remote into them using the IP address. I currently do for the two switches I have here (same subnet) and the two routers I have externally (each with a different subnet different from here)
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What kind of switches are you using? Are they managed or unmanged ? Depending on what type of switch you have, you might have to update your server route table and add static routes. This will allow the specific traffic to follow the path you tell it.
JenniferIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
One is HP Procurve the other is Luxul XMS
They are both managed
Dimitris IoakimoglouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
The following will make sense mainly if you want to keep your current management IPs for your switches. If not, things are a lot simpler, change the management IP of switch2 to be in the same subnet as switch1 for example. But I don't think you'd ask about that, so here's what I think you need.

You need to use a common subnet between the two, in order for them to talk to each other. You will then need to use routing (don't know if it's supported on your switch models) in order for your machine to connect to the second switch through the first one.

Here's an example for you. SWITCH1 =, PC = , SWITCH2 = (I'm only using /24s to keep it a bit simple.)
You need PC to be able to connect to SWITCH2.
a) An easy way out would be to create a second management interface on Switch2 -if it's supported by your model- so that SWITCH2 could be managed through and at the same time.

b) The other way would be to create a second interface with the IP so that and 2 would get that far, and would be accessible through routing. You'd need to configure your default gateway with a command that sets as the next hop for the network Then you'd also need SWITCH2 to be able to route between the 2 networks, depends on model.

c) The third way would be to use a completely different subnet to connect the two switches. So what you'd end up with would be something like this:

PC ( <====> S1 (<>S1(<====>S2(<>S2(

Now, the above will also need routing to be an option, this time on both switches. You'd also need static routes on your default gateway (stating that the next hop for is, on S1 (stating that next hop for is  and on S2 (stating that next hop for is
JenniferConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank  you. They have to be different subnets. One is PC's and one is phones.

HP1 (172.16.4.x, along with HP2 is all pcs and servers) will have one port going to Luxul1 (172.16.20.X, along with Luxul2 is all phones)

I would like to know how to configure routing for HP1 to connect to Luxul1 and talk to the rest of my network.

I will worry accessing later but I should at least be able to ping the Luxul from any pc.
Dimitris IoakimoglouConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Ok so you have port 45 set up as access for vlan 2.  I suppose you've connected it to port 24 on the luxul switch and you've been able to ping from the HP switch. That's a prerequisite for all of the stuff below.

If so, you don't need a route on your HP switch, cause the switch will see 172.16.20.x as a directly connected network. Directly connected networks have the highest priority on the routing table, higher than static routes even.

Let's assume you turn your NIC off on your pc. You're left with Your packets destined for will go to the HP switch. The HP switch will then route them to vlan 2 without any help cause it has a vlan 2 interface itself. Then the packets will reach Luxul via L2. So far so good.
Now, luxul will have to return the packets. However it won't know how, cause it has no info on how to reach
You will therefore need to set a command to route over
I did take a look on the pdf you posted, it does not look like your Luxul supports routing at all. It does however have a "default gateway" setting, which you could set as

And that should be it.

Note1, having 2 gateways on your pc at once makes no sense, I guess you did it on order to test by disabling NIC1 and the NIC2 etc.
Note2, your phone network and your PC network SHOULD be seperated, you will have to use ACLS to regulate what should be allowed to be accesed by whom etc.

Hope this helped!
Dimitris IoakimoglouNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I'm not really objecting to anything, however according to the pdf you linked us to, I did not see routing as a feature anywhere.
Did I miss it?

This question has nothing to do with points or anything.
JenniferIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
I was told that it did. They say yes but I too am not seeing it. I had to contact the manufacturer.
JenniferIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thank you, however I figured out how to configure with the help of outside consultant. Sorry, I did this before reading the post. I will give partial points for both of the post in trying to help me. Also, the post is not completely accurate, not for my setup. The Luxul does support Routing.
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