Does items below really save energy from air-conditioning ?

Posted on 2015-01-17
Last Modified: 2015-01-27

Does above make my non-inverter aircon to behave like an inverter aircon?

Does the item below really save energy on aircon & will it work in UK ?

My energy bill was initially $220 per month and for the last 6 years (after staying at this
place) the last 18 years, my energy bills went up to $330-$400 per month despite similar
pattern of usage, not to mention I changed my aircon from zero tick to one with 2 ticks
(ie more energy saving) about 9 years ago.

I plan to get an energy-saving water heater for shower as an electrician once came to
measure & found that the 2 water heater showers consumes a lot of energy.  Did not
want to convert to gas shower as my wife is against it for fear of explosion
Question by:sunhux
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Assisted Solution

garycase earned 167 total points
ID: 40555365
A thermostat alone can't change the characteristics of your compressor.   If you want an inverter unit, you'll need to buy one.

It sounds like your current A/C units are at least 18 years old ... you'd likely see a very significant reduction in power consumption if you replaced them with new high-efficiency inverter units.    But simply changing the thermostats is not going to do that.
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Accepted Solution

d-glitch earned 170 total points
ID: 40555385
The first unit saves energy by turning the AC off when there are not people in the room.  If you have this problem, it could help.  But it is not an inverter.

The second unit is probably similar to the first, but they don't provide any information at all.

garycase is correct.  New air conditioners (especially the inverter kind) would probably pay for themselves in a few seasons.
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Assisted Solution

ThomasMcA2 earned 83 total points
ID: 40555498
In the U.S., it is common to get a home energy audit to help find where heat is leaking out of your house. A thermal camera is used to take photos (or videos) of the outside of your home. Different temperatures appear as different colors in the photos/videos. Some utility companies provide this service (for a fee), as do some contractors/home builders.

I had an energy audit done to my home, and it identified a portion of a wall (right above a window) that had no insulation. So I drilled a few small holes in the drywall above the window, and sprayed foam insulation (the kind you buy in a can) into the wall.
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ID: 40555593
I'm in the UK.  I have gas central and water heating. My gas bill used to be similar to the electric bill, it is now double. I think you would spend more if you converted to gas so you should be better off sticking with electric.

Author Comment

ID: 40555982
Well for a period of 2 months when I boil water using gas for my shower instead of using the electric gas,
I saw an obvious (about 10%) reduction in my energy bill,  Our local energy provider (which is run by the
state) also publicized that natural gas is a lot cheaper than electricity tariffs
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Assisted Solution

by:Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2nd
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2nd earned 80 total points
ID: 40555986
I haven't tried heating the water with electricity except for three or four days when the boiler was off and before the ancient electric element burnt out. I was just comparing the increase in the domestic price of the two fuels.

Author Comment

ID: 40556091
and that's only me boiling water for shower;  if my wife & 2 kids also boil water for shower,
it would have reduced the bill further (about 1 year ago) : too much of a hassle to do the
boiling using gas

Now that oil price has dropped by to about half of what it used to be 1 year ago, our
energy provider only reduced the energy tariffs by about 18% (as they have sort of
oil future contract that locks them in)

Author Comment

ID: 40556093
I lived in this place for about 18 years but the current non-inverter aircon (split 3) is actually 10 years old (which has
2 ticks);  most aircon nowadays has four ticks (I've seen five) that further saved energy & these are the inverter ones.

Probably won't buy the inverter ones as it costs about US$2,070 & I'll be moving out of this current residence in
about 23 months' time & I can't bring the aircons to the new place (which come pre-furbished with inverter

Author Comment

ID: 40556095
Is there some sort of current stabilizer which I could pass the current thru from the wall outlet to
the aircons so that it reduces "wasted instable" energy ?  

Seen some of those that we plug into other sockets on the wall but I wonder if there's one that
'stabilizes' or 'filters' the electric current so that there's some savings in energy bill
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Assisted Solution

d-glitch earned 170 total points
ID: 40556294
I'm not familiar with the terms "current stabilizer" or "wasted instable energy."
Triac and SCR dimmer switches would work on lights and heaters, but not on large motors.
You may be thinking about Power Factor Correction.  I'venever heard of it being use on a single appliance.
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Assisted Solution

garycase earned 167 total points
ID: 40556609
Since you're moving in 2 years, you clearly won't recover the cost of replacing the units.

In that case, you may want to buy one of the thermostats you initially asked about.   While they won't help improve the efficiency of your cooling; they WILL turn it off when the rooms aren't occupied ... which will help you save a bit of energy (depending on how often that occurs).

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