4TB SATA hard drive not shown in Dell PowerEdge T710

Dear All.

I have Dell server Poweredge T710 which I bought from ebay without any hard drives.
i read the spec on Dell website and it clearly states you can add up to 32GB SATA or SAS hard drives.
it has 8 hot swap slots.
i bought brand new 8 hard drive 4TB each and installed them all, but its only showing 2Tb each instead of 8Tb each any help?
CJIT Consultant Asked:
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Nope. You either need different disks or a different controller.
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Which RAID controller do you have? The PERC 6 does NOT support disks larger than 2TB.
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
i will check and post it here in short while
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Besides that, you should only use enterprise class disks certified by Dell to work with that server. It is best to buy them directly from Dell, then they will have the correct firmware.
Best way to go is get a pair of low capacity enterprise class SATA disks (has to be enterprise for the PERC family), like some 300GB, and use them in RAID1 on your controller for the O/S and swap.  Then use the rest of the disks with host-based software RAID1 if your particular controller has a JBOD mode.  (Some of the PERCs do).  

Letting a PERC controller do RAID5 or RAID6 is simply an invitation to data loss unless disks are enterprise class with the dell settings.   The PERCs that support RAID5 & RAID6 must have enterprise class because they require a disk to do fast error recovery.  Specifically that controller expects a disk to give up on bad block in under 3 seconds. If it doesn't the controller will think HDD failed in 5-7 seconds.  But desktop SATA will go for up to 30 seconds.

(There are other differences, but this alone is the deal killer).

So if you are stuck with those disks, then let the O/S do software RAID.  Zolaris, LINUX, Windows software RAID works OK with desktop drives.  RAID 1/10 is OK with all O/S. But if you want RAID5 or above, I personally consider any O/S other Solais/ZFS too high risk for consumer class drives .
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
Hi it's
PERC 6/i

When I ran IDRac service and vol command
It displayed
Volume MAS001 (rw)
32,594,432 bytes total disk space
9,598,976 bytes available on disk
512 bytes in each allocation unit
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
Yep. 2TB is the max size and the PERC 6 does NOT support non-RAID/pass-through.
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:
I read a lot on Google and every where it says the same they record H700 or H800 so as a last resource I put this on expert exchange to see if there is way around without spending any further
CJIT Consultant Author Commented:

i have now changed the card to H700 but hard drive still showing 2TB instead of 4TB any help
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