How do I add music files and folders of photos as albums onto my iphone

I do not add content to my iphone every time I go to use iTunes it has changed and is less and less intuitive. At this point, I do not even recognize it and have no idea what I am looking at.

I want to add mmp3 files and I also have several folders of photos that I want to add with each folder as an album.

How do I do this?
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maqskywalkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you followed this tutorial?
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Nice tutorial. How do I then add these files to my iphone/ipad?

How do I do same with videos and photos?

Thank you.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mark I was helping out with a similar which is still open, I'd suggest that you connect your device/s first then open windows media player
go sync with device at the top then make a playlist
 import or drag and drop all the music/video files into Windows Media Player
sync to devicesI have not looked at the youtube link yet
do you have windows 8 or windows 7?
Can you connect either of these via USB?
Then open a designated folder on the devices and copy over photo albums folders from windows?
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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
I have windows 7 64 Pro. I can open the device in explorer and copy photos or delete them on the device, but I cannot ADD photos without iTunes. This is my biggest complaint about Apple - I don't need iTunes often and when I do, the interface has been changed and it becomes less and less intuitive and there is little help available on apple to use it.

DO I understand you correctly, you can use WMP instead of iTunes to add content to an iphone?
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mark  
well iphone is Apple and  that brings Itunes as it's default apps,
Itunes is really just acting as an App to transfer files aside for checking for DRM that's how they like it with music and video,
I don't own an Iphone but my son has a Samsung I think windows phone. I like it and he showed me it's wonderful tricks
you say>but I cannot ADD photos without iTunes. << yes you can with a little ingenuity.
regarding photos
Use this guide to set the transfers manually.
How to Move Files to an iPhone Through a USB Cable
 and at step 3
Click the icon of the iPhone, and then click the "Summary" tab in the iTunes window. Click "Manually Manage Music and Videos," and then click "Apply" if you want to prevent iTunes from automatically syncing content to the iPhone. When you set iTunes to manually manage your files, you can pick what you want to move to the iPhone over the USB cable.
Then  > see this
Method 4 of 4: Transferring Photos in Windows
Connect your iPhone to your PC with the USB cable. Open your Computer by clicking the Start menu and selecting Computer.
If the AutoPlay windows appears, click the “Import pictures and videos” click the “Import pictures and videos” link and skip down to Step 3.
Hope it helps.

Where possible I will avoid all these new technology still old school and prefer the simple methods.
As Nikola Tesla said, “There is a difference between progress and technology, progress benefits mankind. Technology does not necessarily do that.”
My phone is a simple LG phone without windows or internet. I just feel a Tablet is simpler or a portable laptop.
Regards Merete
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
thank you Merete. Amazing how much you know about a device you don't even own. As iTunes has evolved, it becomes less and less intuitive. I am ready to upgrade my phone, thinking strongly about Android. I would be very happy never to hear the word "iTunes" ever again.
M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Step 4 seems to be for exporting photos from my phone to the computer, not the other way around.

Still cannot figure out how to put photos from computer on iphone. Apps not synching either.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mark, thankyou, I learn about the core you know the basics and that seem to fit everything.
The first step as I see it is to disable Itunes from automatically syncing, then go to the next step plug in the computer to your USB
You have a laptop ipad or PC? desktop?
If you want to use Itunes then it should be installed on both your PC and your iphone then you sync the library across?
Make sure both devices have the same version of Itunes and are up to date.
To save me typing it up please read th lengthy more info on this youtube, you may not need to watch the video after reading it, it explains all the new changes that cause so much confusion to so many folks.
Extract just to get your interest
How to transfer music to iPhone, iPad, iPod
in the above tutorial we will show how to sync I tunes with your mobile devise, this may be an iphone, ipad or ipod, whatever your devise the process is the same.
It is this feature that has caused most confusion for both old and new apple users, apple have included a totally new feature that is not fully recognised at first, the method of transferring the audio files from your itunes to your devise has totally changed, and for some it's like learning how to use itunes all over again, let's just cross our fingers and hope the developers at apple make the next update a smooth transition.

Rereading this part >I want to add mp3 files and I also have several folders of photos that I want to add with each folder as an album.
These mp3 are just single files right?
And the photos are albums? Could you explain albums means?
If a program created these albums?
Please let me know how you go :)
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