Error adding WiFi virtual switch to Hyper-V on Win 8.1

I've installed a VM on Hyper-V. I want it to share WiFi for full access. When I add a new virtual network switch for the WiFi adapter, I get this error:
[Window Title]
Virtual Switch Manager for PC
[Main Instruction]
Error applying Virtual Switch Properties changes
Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections.
[Expanded Information]
Ethernet port '{97D28A98-EFFD-4A4C-B56D-CDCC8E584C74}' bind failed: This operation returned because the timeout period expired. (0x800705B4).
So, why does it fail? And what's with all the stuff in the message about Ethernet?

I *do* have a virtual Ethernet switch, which installed correctly.
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BlearyEyeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, the problem is that it wasn't binding at all, so I couldn't do that. However, I tried the universal specific: reboot Windows. This time it went through. I now have vEthernet (Ethernet) and vEthernet (WiFi) connections. Calling both vEthernet is a little confusing but I guess it's right.

So, the original question is answered. I'll accept my post as the answer and credit points for the help.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
create a new external switch binding it to the wifi network adapter.  hyper-v manager must be run as an administrator
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
I believe that's what I was doing
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Philip ElderConnect With a Mentor Technical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Actually, I had seen that in my poking around; should have mentioned it, sorry.

My WiFi adapter already has the Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol installed (but not checked). WiFi propertiesI don't see any other recommendation.
Philip ElderConnect With a Mentor Technical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
This is what my WiFi vSwitch looks like:
WiFi vSwitchYours looks to be missing a check mark.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
OK, I enabled the Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver. Still no joy. And I don't understand why is says "Failed while adding virtual Ethernet switch connections" when I've selected the WiFi adapter.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Could you post a snip of the Hyper-V vSwitch properties that is bound to the WiFi as I did please?
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
Phillip Elder's comments were helpful and, having exhausted suggestions, led me to the idea of a clean start which sorted things out.
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