Wondows 7 - Office 2013 - How do I change ny Network Name

When my PC hard drive was reformatted and the programs loaded on to it the Network name should have been DUFRESNE. However, it was left "Network".

Question: How can I rename the existing network name "Network" to "DUFRESNE" or "Dufresne" . What steps do I need to follow to do this.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Lou DufresneIT Business Analyst CSM / Project ManagerAsked:
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Praveen Kumar BonalaConnect With a Mentor Programmer AnalystCommented:
following are the steps

1) First, click on the ‘Network’ icon at the right hand side of the task bar. Click on the “Open Network and Sharing Centre” link.

Click on the “Open Network and Sharing Centre

2) In the ‘Network and Sharing Center’ window, click on the active network icon (see below)

Click on an active network

3) The ‘Set Network Properties’ window, you may enter a new name for your network in the ‘Network Name’ field.

Change Network Name

4) Click ‘OK’ to save your new network name.

There you go! Your network name has been changed.
Gabriel CliftonCommented:
Right click computer, click properties, click change settings, Click change, change workgroup name or domain.
Lou DufresneIT Business Analyst CSM / Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
This is exactly what I need. Thank you for everyone assistance.

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