exchange 2010 auto response not sending to external domains

I'm attempting to set up an auto-responder address on a domain.  The purpose is just to test the email round-tripping.

The email account has been created and a rule created for this mailbox that replies with a template to any emails received.

When I send an email to the echo@ account from another mailbox on the domain, it works fine.
When I send an email to the echo@ account from another mailbox on an external domain, it does not work.

I have the rule respond & then move the email to a folder.  So I can see that the emails from the external domain ARE being received by the echo@ mailbox.

I've tested just sending a new email to an external domain account and that does not work either.  The recipient never gets the email, and the echo@ account never gets any error message or failed delivery notification.  Other users on the domain CAN send outbound to external domain accounts.  Just not echo@


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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is because your auto reply has been STOPPED at Organization level.

Perform a quick check, using powershell

Get-RemoteDomain * | FL AutoReplyEnabled

If you find it as False, that'll validate what I wrote as my first analysis. Feel free to change it to TRUE using the following command in powershell

Set-RemoteDomain * -AutoReplyEnabled $True

-Tushar Shah
cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
I've tested both the auto-responder from, and sending directly to several external email accounts.... gmail etc.  The Echo@ account cant seem to talk to the outside world.
cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:

I just found half the problem.  There is an external 3rd party relay for outbound spam filtering.  The echo@ account wasn't configured to pass that. (found the details in the send connector).

So now echo@ can send emails.  But the auto-responder is still not working to external addresses.

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Good find.

Now, were you able to detect IF auto reply is disabled/enabled at Organization level on Exchange?

-Tushar Shah
cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
>> Now, were you able to detect IF auto reply is disabled/enabled at Organization level on Exchange?

Well, I already checked the Exchange Management Console, under Organization Configuration / Hub Transport / Remote Domains / Default / Properties / Message Format.  And the "Allow Automatic Replies" is checked enabled.

Anywhere else I should check?
Run a random search

Get-RemoteDomain | FL Name,AutoReply*

Let's check what you got in there.

-Tushar Shah
cef_soothsayerAuthor Commented:
Nevermind!   It is working!  Just took forever to receive the response at gmail.  When I tested it at another pop account (that I've been parallel testing with all along), it now works fine & fast.

thanks for all your help.  I'll mark your answer as the solution so you get credit.  The actual solution was the 3rd party relay service blocking unauthorized senders. (not white-listed)

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