Final Cut Pro vs. Premiere vs. Avid

Are there any official stats on which is the most popular editing software?  Which one is gaining on "number one"?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have a Mac but would say that over the three  I would recommend Apple Final cut Pro X.
So you have two votes for Final Cut Pro along with Michael-Best.
The reason I would choose that is the quality and easy usability based on what I have seen.
Also it is not as expensive.
lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This is pretty hard to accurately judge, because most of the companies do not break down sales numbers in a way that allows you to access that information. There are some proprietary reports out there that might be reasonable approximations, but they would cost you real money to view.

There's also a somewhat flawed survey, but it provides some clues, and tied with other information about Google searches, etc, seems to be generally indicative:

The other thing to keep in mind is that there are some real differences between the Pro, the Pro-sumer, and the consumer market. Avid, for example, has a small but clearly defined professional market share. It's not really a tool that you'll see many pro-sumers or consumers using, so the numbers don't change much, but while their market penetration may be small overall, in their select segment of the market it is still fairly high and constant.

brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Thanks LHerrou.
My reason for asking:
I want to learn video editing software that the pros use.   Yes, I will be purchasing the software for my own personal use, BUT, I'd rather spend the extra bucks and buy a package that I can grow into, rather than a cheapened "consumer" edition.  
In other words, I am a personal videophile/cinematographer who will be editing/tweaking my own personal productions BUT since I'm doing that I'd also like to take the extra step and learn something that can also give me a career boost.
Any additional insights/opinions/stats would be helpful
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no clear winner among these three.
On Windows, then the choice is between Adobe and Avid.
If you need 4K output, Apple or Adobe are your best options.
The best application for the new Mac Pro, is Apple Final cut Pro X.
Hi brothertruffle880
You say>I want to learn video editing software that the pros use.<< they actually use many other tools than these, the pros have 4 or 5 tools or more depends on what they are tasked with.
Which category?
I have Cyberlink Power Director Ultra x 64 
Cyberlink has a suite of tools
With my Paintshop Pro which has animation Studio among other tools.

You may think buying Adobe Premier ( most expensive ) will give you the edge , not so many video editors cheaper can do what the most expensive can with a little ingenuity.
The learning curb is definitely higher if you wish to do a career move.
Adobe Fireworks
There is lots of categories in the market of media/video/commercials/photographic., 3D animation etc.
Which is the one your interested in?
Most of the stuff you see on the TV is now CGI. Computer Generated Imagery.
Everything is going Digital. And most tools now are a subscription and cloud based.
There is a web site I have been a member of for many years that can give insights into the tools required/they offer courses worksshops and these days emphasis is on 3D.4D
I receive a newsletter showing me the latest tools and trends that might interest you one example yesterday,
Destruction in Houdini DYNAMIC FX | 3D WORKSHOP

CG Society.

After Effects would rate one of the most used/ very popular with young budding artists in my humble opinion combined with
Blender 3D which is free
AutoDesk has 3D's Max  and Maya

brothertruffle880, knowledge and expertise is the bases for all and any video editor. Start off simple so you can learn how to use the bigger tools.
Were you planning on doing classes? is the good place to start with courses.
Lets take photography
Photography Courses & Tutorials

As for stats based on users feedback with the tools they have used do you have windows as well Mac?
Comparing Final Cut Pro X, Media Composer and Premiere Pro CC
Adobe, Apple and Avid have three distinctly different approaches. Adobe and Avid offer cross-platform solutions, while Final Cut Pro X only works on Apple hardware. Adobe offers most of its content creation software only through a Creative Cloud subscription. 
Your thoughts?
regards Merete
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
My decision is purely among these three:  Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or Avid.
doug sCommented:
All my friends are migrating away from FCP to Premier, just because of all the compability with Adobe's suite programs. I still haven't been able to get myself off Final Cut 7. I love that editing software!
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