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I want to use a dynamic named range for a pivot table so that when I update the data I will not have to update the range.  
The current data range is 'Worksheet'!$A$1:$AC$74338, but this could of course change as more data is added or removed.

I appreciate the help,
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slubekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the table is a problem, create dynamic named range, for example referring to something like

Open in new window

and use that dnr as a source of your pivot.

I suggested table because it worked for me, and I've never tried to use dnr as a pivot's source. I'm not sure, but if calculations of COUNTA() are done every time you use that dnr, then (with so many rows that you have) it could lead to performance issues. You have to test it.
Create your range as a table and base your pivot on that table. Every change (insert/delete) in table rows will cause pivot recalculation.
montrofAuthor Commented:
would it not be better to use a dynamic range because on the data tabs there is some other stuff that could get affected if I make it a table
montrofAuthor Commented:
Thanks I will play with both options.
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