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Xenapp Farm session reconnect issue

Hello - we have a Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm with 9 servers in the farm servicing about 300 users.
We have our main business system running as a published app and as well as a few other things such as Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office 2010.

Most of our users connect by way of Citrix Receiver and the web interface.

Our problem is related to disconnected sessions.  Sometimes a user will get disconnected, for various reasons, and when they reconnect- they come right back to where they left off (inside the same session).

Often this does not happen.  How do we know?  Our business system will not allow a user to sign in more than once and will raise an error that the user is already logged in.  Many times throughout a day or week our help desk receives calls because a user was dropped from their connection and when they re-connect- they cannot login to the business system because they receive an error that they are already logged in.  Our help desk then needs to traclk down their old session in App Center and log it off.  Sometimes it shows in App Center as disconnected, but often the session still looks live.  ONce the old session has been manually logged off (or reset), the user is then able to log in again in their current session and they then continue along their way.

Another, related scenario is when a user purposely breaks the connection because they are having an issue in the session (typically with getting hung or frozen).  They will often go so far as rebooting their desktop/laptop and then reconnecting to a citrix session only to find they are still delivered smack back where they were in their previously hung or frozen session.  So ironically, session reconnecting appears to work, sometimes...  but often not when they want it to.

Lastly a recent event actually led me to finally asking this question here and seeking some assistance.  A user came to me with this recently.  He has been working in excel (in a citrix session) and had a couple of open workbootks.  He printed something to a network printer and went to retrieve his print.  When he came back, his laptop had 'mysteriously shut down' and he had to reboot.  He could not get back to his disconnected session and was frantic because he had not saved his work.   I could see his excel session still showing as active on server 1, even though he had been disconnected from it., However,  as he logged back in I could see him start a new session on server 2 or 3, etc.  I proceeded to 'prohibit logins and connections' on all servers in the farm except server 1 and then had him try again.  Only then did he return to his previous excel session and was able to save his work.

Clearly this is not how it is suppose to work?  What could be happening to cause this inconsistency with reconnections?

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Ensure that your servers are updated with latest hot fixes. You can ask users to logout their hung session by pressing CTL+F1 keys it works like CTL+ALT+DEL only. Or from connection center of their desktop they can logout their hung session. Also set proper timeout setting for idle and disconnected sessions. 5 minutes for disconnected session and 30 minutes for idle sessions or as per your requirement. This will ensure that disconnected sessions are closed and users can get new sessions when they login again..
snyperjAuthor Commented:
Also set proper timeout setting for idle and disconnected sessions.

Where is this done from please?
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
You can done same through policy, for steps http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127318
snyperjAuthor Commented:
hotfixes were out of date.  thanks, sorry for the delay did not realize I left this open
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