Which is better webmail clients horde or roundcube

I wanted to know which webmail client is better. squirel mail ,round cube any suggestion would be appreciable .
Tried to google it but did not got proper answer for the same .
I wanted there pros and cons and which utilizes less utility of the server via httpd (if it actually takes ).
Is there any option to install and provide any best three webmail client on web . So that client would choose to use any one of them as per there convenience

OS : linux
protocol : imap
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Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
zimbra is even more a groupware solution than horde - its strength is really that, with a (pay to play) plugin, it is a drop-in replacement for exchange, with full busy searches and so forth from outlook.

kite is similar to roundcube, more google-like, but as it is not package managed by any distro, you need to install from tarball and configure it yourself.

@mail I haven't tried, as it is payware; that has the benefit of commerical support, but the downside that you are paying per user, and again per-featureset.

as for nosql - normally, webmail is layered on top of an imap provider (such as dovecot) - while you *could* find one that used a nosql backend, rather than mysql or flatfiles, that would really only matter if you are looking to scale massively (in which case, you might want to look to commercial mailserver software for the sort of support you would need). Google clearly doesn't just use imap, but its own hadoop based backend.  The advantage of sticking with Imap is that you can have mutiple solutions all accessing the same database, including "native" imap thick clients such as outlook or thunderbird.  storing mail in some other solution requires that your frontends support that db backend and storage layout, which severely limits your options.
Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
None of them are "better" or "worse" - they all have positive features and negative ones.

Squirrel's strength is in its simplicity - it is a non-ajax webmail, looks like someone REALLY wanted a retro 90's look, but works well on low spec or locked down browsers.

Roundcube is a much more "modern" webmail, and is fully ajax - think googlemail or yahoomail, rather than a minimalist solution

Horde is a full groupware solution, along the lines of outlook web access - massive overkill if you just want email, but feature rich above and beyond what roundcube can provide.

And yes, you can install all three, and try all three - squirrel and roundcube you can simply apt-get if you are using ubuntu (and who doesn't?) but Horde is significantly more work to install and maintain (but worth it for the extra features, if you will use them)

If you install each to a separate subdir of your webserver, and make the main page have links to each of them, you can try them for size. You may find that maintaining Horde isn't worth the benefits, but that's a choice you need to make (and if you have users, be prepared to find them crying and screaming if you take their Horde off them :)
Monika BhartiConnect With a Mentor Sr. AnalyticsCommented:

First, there is no need to install these webmail clients as all the mail clients are browser based application. These all are having the same resource and act as an SMTP server for sending mail and POP/IMAP for receiving incoming mails. Mentioned below are advantages of the following mail client.

Squirrel Mail
It is a type of mail client, written in PHP. And it should be considered first and foremost by the fact that it’s free. A complete set of functions: from the list of emails to the address book looks great and easy to use.
You also have great opportunities to set up Squirrel for yourself. You may also choose your thematic design. With the help of different plugins you can extend the functionality, if you feel the requirement. For example, you can add a calendar to empower your address book or add spam filters. It’s a really wonderful webmail client!

Horde Mail
With it you can easily compose letters and manage incoming mail. To do this, there is a great address book, to structure your contacts. If you have an unfinished letter, you can easily keep it in the drafts and then continue it with Horde Mail.
Speaking of the Horde can be a kind of parallel with the widespread Outlook Express. The only difference – is that with Horde you can access your mail wherever you are, you may only have access to the Internet.

RoundCube Mail
RoundCube is a free webmail client and is probably the most common of the three webmail clients. It has got great potential when working with a mailbox, for example, drag & drop, protection of personal information, an integrated address book, as well as multi-level support – all integral elements of this first-class customer.
If you have any questions while working with your mail, RoundCube provides excellent customer support to help you resolve the existing problems. This webmail client provides a high level of performance.

You can choose any one webmail as per your convenience as all have better functionality features.
Free Tool: SSL Checker

Scans your site and returns information about your SSL implementation and certificate. Helpful for debugging and validating your SSL configuration.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
@Monkia - curious now, how do you expect the OP to use these if they don't first install them to their mailserver?
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your valuable comments.

any idea about zimbra and kite and atmail

 My first choice after your comments would be roundcube as it does not have maintenance issue as horde and not completely plain as squirelmail .

Had just gone through this links
Some of them are paid here , but i am just curious will these webmail client would be able to integrate with mongodb or some nosql db.  Do you have any idea about below few about there performance and capacity to handle huge data.

InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
But zimbra is easy to handle not like horde right ?
As we want less memory usage and maintenance webmail client.
Even less feature would do. Client has to just read and send mails to the concern person
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Zimbra is a lot easier than horde, but isn't package-managed for you, you need to install from tarball (and put up with them trying to sell you "network edition", but that's what you get from dual licenced projects)

Personally, I would say just stick squirrel *and* roundcube on there, that gives your client a choice of two (experience shows that a choice of two is the best thing to offer; a choice of one is "accept or reject", a choice of more than two leads to confusion, a choice of two however usually leads to one being seen as "better" and chosen, even if "ask for more options" is a valid choice :)
It's totally depend upon the business requirement / Cost / Up time etc.

If  cost is not matter go with office 365 high availability 99% uptime. But Zimbra is also not the bed, I had used that
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
I have installed roundcube but unable to login.
Error "Connection to storage server failed."

What is default user name and password.

[root@www config]# telnet roundcube.com 143
telnet: connect to address Connection refused
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
sounds like you don't have an imap server installed - try dovecot?
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Ya, i had not put imap details properly but It worked on rainloop but same imap config did not worked on roundcube.
Now its giving login failed where as username and password are same. Do roundcube maintain db to keep the track of username and password or it directly fetches from imap server
Dave HoweConnect With a Mentor Software and Hardware EngineerCommented:
a bit of both. it maintains a db, but not of the username and password - that is direct from the imap server. if the login isn't working, check the /var/log/roundcube dir - a common issue is that the mcrypt module isn't installed, or if installed, isn't enabled.

assuming ubuntu, try as root/sudoing:
apt-get install php5-mcrypt
php5enmod mcrypt
service apache2 restart

Open in new window

InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Its perfectly installed. Check the logs of IMAP server. It connects logs in and with a sec send a request to logs out. And later display login fail option
InsoftserviceAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the comments, found rainloop as best solution.
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