File Server Resource Manager - email notification of folder change

I have a Windows 2012 R2 server running an SFTP server and I want to send email notifications when files are uploaded to particular directories.

I'm pretty sure this can be achieved with File Server Resource Manager, but I can't figure out how.

Do I need a File Screen, or File Management Task - or maybe a Storage Report?
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devon-ladAuthor Commented:
Ok, so basically I have to set all file types as unauthorised and use passive screening to send notifications?
If I'm understanding you (I hope I am!) this Technet Article gives you the steb-by-step setup you need, for the file screen config as well as the email notification. If the arrow has landed way off the mark, I'll boot up my 2012 VM and take a look, along with some screenshots :)
devon-ladAuthor Commented:
Sorry, not had time to look at this - will get back to you shortly, thanks.
devon-ladAuthor Commented:
The summary I've provided is the most clear answer for others.
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