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Peoples needs

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one? Who decides?
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Andy MInternal Systems ManagerCommented:
Spock - he knows all.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
In my house, I decide.
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1. Politically

Democracy & Communism:
Weight is for favoring the many

Republic & Oligarchy & Feudal:
Weight is for providing for the few

Totalitarian & Monarchy:
Weight is for favoring the one

2. Philosophically

Weight is to favor all, equally (in religion, all are creatures)

The masses are needed to maximize happiness and productivity, stability - maintaining status quo

The few need provisional care to attain balance
over time, discovery, expansion, technology (in religion, the few are accommodated)

The one is a member of the few and the many (in religion, the one is creator, without need - usually)

3. Family values

At work, it is the one (business/owner/boss), who supplies the funds for budget

In public, on podium, in a local tavern, it is the fathers/providers of time at work to attain income to main their home, their castle

In privacy of home, it is the mothers/caretakers, who run households, their castle, their way

The children are the protected, raised towards 'standard' as determined by parents, normally with goal of their being enabled better life (some cultures go that children should not become better off, or have goal to be any better than ancestors - which would be an insult)

Where males and females pair off, such as in restaurant or bowling alley, it is male, who insists upon paying bill due to their pride of having higher salary, while the female chooses to let him, due to their wiles and equal pay. They are well aware of need for more personal expenses, such as for makeup, clothing, and time to make preparations. (separately: there can be other forms of equalizing gender behavior, such as dutch treat)
> Who decides?

When in isolation, it is the one who decides, while being aware of beliefs and regulations once returned to their civilization/society.

There is no form of democracy, or for putting some issue to a vote, upon a field of battle or naval ship, such as the Enterprise, or luxury cruiseship, or even transport - including airplane.
leonstrykerAuthor Commented:
The conundrum which is the root of the issue is that as individuals we are driven by survival which pushes us to act strictly in our own self interest. But, when does this drive becomes secondary to the survival of the species?
Philosophically, not personally, I'd align that with the political three-some from above as

Individual survival: tyrant
Species survival: Weight is for providing for the few
Self interest : Weight is for favoring the many

Concerning the overlap, for ..."But, when does this" ...(change)

My thought goes to
Martin Niemoller quote [look it up if needed]
as reiterated by

Two Hangmen ~ Mason Proffit

 As I rode into Tombstone on my horse, his name was Mack
 I saw what I'll relate to you, goin' on behind my back
 It seems the folks were up-in-arms, a man now had to die
 For believing things that didn't fit, the laws they'd set aside
 The man's name was "I'm a Freak". the best that I could see
 He was the executioner, a hangman just like me
 I guess that he'd seen loopholes from workin' with his rope
 He'd hung the wrong man many times, so now he turned to hope

 He talked to all the people from his scaffold in the square
 He told them of the things he found, but they didn't seem to care
 He said the laws were obsolete, a change they should demand
 But the people only walked away, he couldn't understand

 The marshall's name was "Uncle Sam", he said he'd right this wrong
 He'd make the hangman shut his mouth, if it took him all day long
 He finally arrested Freak, and then he sent for me
 To hang a fellow hangman, from a fellow hangman's tree

 It didn't take them long to try him in their court of law
 He was guilty then of "Thinkin'", a crime much worse than all
 They sentenced him to die, so his seed of thought can't spread
 And infect the little children, that's what the law had said

 So the hangin' day came 'round, and he walked up to the noose
 I pulled the lever, but before he fell I cut him loose
 They called it all conspiracy, and that I had to die
 So to close our mouths and kill our minds, they hung us side-by-side

 And now we're two hangmen, hangin' from a tree
 That don't bother me, at all

 Two hangmen, hangin' from a tree
 That don't bother me, at all
 (Same all the way to the end)
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