Focus on a Pentax 6.0 mega pixel camera

Pentax Optio 60, 3x optical zoom, 6.0 megapixels.
The lens extends out when the camera is turned on. The instructions say to center the subject in the view finder, press the shutter button "half way" to let the auto focus begin and complete. Then fully press the shutter button to take the photo.
We are not having much luck pressing the shutter button half way. As gentle and as light as we can it seems the button is not half way but fully down and takes the photos. Even at a distance of 12-18 inches the images are blurry. When we'd expect a 6.0 to give more clear closeup images.

Anyone own this camera?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No I have a Nikon, but just as an observation in order to use certain features like this  I would need to set photo mode in my camera's settings under profiles?
Just seeing your problems like this> Even at a distance of 12-18 inches the images are blurry. When we'd expect a 6.0 to give more clear closeup images.
Close up pictures I use Macro settings.
And secondly I would have a chart nearby to convert your CM as per your manual settings to inches so you can understand them
Metric Chart converter
cm to inches (Centimeters to Inch)

your manual? in Centimeters
Setting Focus
The table below will help you choose the appropriate focus mode:
Select macro to capture close-up images. When the lens is zoomed to its widest position you may focus objects as close as 5 cm.<< 2 inches.
When the lens is zoomed to its telephoto position (3x zoom) you may focus objects as close as 30 cm. >12 inches.
Select the infinity-focus setting when you want to capture images of subject at adistance of infinity
Select auto focus for most occasions when you want the camera to automatically determine the focus setting.
Using auto focus any object at a range of focus is 50 cm>20 inches or greater can be infocus

David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
asker posted response in wrong question. copied and pasted to here.
Also my camera does have a setting for macro but I have not had a chance to try it.
His camera takes very good close ups and it is a "simple" Canon ELPH.
Nothing fancy or expensive or "large" mega pixels.
nickg5Author Commented:
Select macro to capture close-up images. When the lens is zoomed to its widest position you may focus objects as close as 5 cm.<< 2 inches.

That failed. I tried to take a photo of a coin from 3 inches and the flash was so bright the entire coin was engulfed in light and you could not even tell it was a coin vs. a round piece of paper.
Also, this camera can not be charged with a/c or pc and despite having only taken about 20 photos with it, the camera said "battery depleted" on a photo today. That is impossible it seems since the lithium batteries are new. 20 photos into the life of the batteries would not cause a depletion. Maybe the message was a mistake by the camera for some reason.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
That failed. I tried to take a photo of a coin from 3 inches and the flash was so bright the entire coin was engulfed in light  disable the flash and provide sufficient lighting
"battery depleted" on a photo today. << using flash and Zoom will deplete the batteries quicker, common sense should tell you that using flash at 2 or 3 inches will have the same effect if I shot a torch into your eyes at 3 inches. Your pupils would shrink so quickly your eyes cannot adjust all you could see now is blackspots and strange colours. A complete blur.
Your eyes have a lens like a camera but are called a pupil that opens and closes depending on how much light, not a lot of light opens your pupil bigger to grab any light  around it needs to be able focus ..
Same with a camera but as it's mechanical once you choose Macro setting you have told the camera lens  to open wide and shooting with a flash at the same time will blast it full of light if just a few inches away, instead at 3 feet away the flash can be absorbed by the surroundings.
Don't use flash with Macro at 2 or 3 inches treat it like your pupils.

Stand back from your coin  around 3 feet and use the zoom bit by bit to check the exposure with the light around it, have a fluro directly above or sunlight coming in, put the coin on a cloth red is good dark yellow/orange Dark Green is also good at 3 feet with zoom in Daytime.
At night on a dark background will bring up the coin so be aware that light around the coin at close range with a flash will cause white out of focus exposure  but at 3 feet with a bit of zoom should be fine.
The camera settings you use also effect how the flash works could be flood fill or just a small flash .
If you are in full daylight Macro will work but when shooting this shot from 3 feet or 2 feet you must stand very still allow the lens to focus
 first and when you click the button push the button in slowly to focus the object with what light you have.
Depending on what your shooting don't use Macro rather just use "AUTO" then the camera decides on how much light there is and should a flash be used.
See the settings I posted above>Setting Focus and PHOTOGRAPHY MODE
If your eyes sight is not that good ( like my Partner) learn how the camera works as you can't really see the same way the camera does and use the photo tools on your PC to check them.
Your camera is a good camera but any type of camera only produces good shots dependent on the user's knowledge of how light and darkness distance and shutter speed works.
If it is night time as your camera has an extending lens like my Nikon that is the zoom stand further back at least 3 to 5 feet more or less, use your view finder and the preview screen to test out the distance before shooting, and then zoom in and use a flash. This way your flash is further away but the lens is fully opened and zoomed in.

My Nikon has a lens that extends out and has to follow the same principals
Refer to the guide I posted above
Your camera has low learning curb' but still requires a good read of the user guides become familiar with your camera buttons and what those settings achieve with different environments  and soon you will be taking photos like  pro
Pentax Optio 60

I used to use a Pansonic Lumix, wore out and it was great for Macro here is an example I took a photo of some tiny flowers in my garden  by tiny I mean half an inch or less and when looking at it in windows photo viewer from windows  live essentials, windows photo viewer can scroll in or zoom in really close and shows the pixel distortion, I discovered a bee on this tiny flower so snapped this shot of it closeup using the snipping Tool. I didn't see the bee on the flower as I was about 3 to 4 feet away with a zoom. Notice how the Bee is in focus on the flower but the background is slightly blurred that is the Macro focus.
Bee blown upThe reason the picture doesn't distort closeup was because I used max settings 2048 x 1068 something like that with Macro to get all the details I could but I was about 4 feet from the flowers and zoomed in, it was during daylight. Then zoomed in on my PC again. in windows Photo viewer.
The photo is not that close.
The Bee is small but looks big against the small flower to give you the perspective that closup can be achieved with PC tools and no pixelation.
Not all macro are simply a closeup with your camera  you can use photo tools to fix things the Macro is just a term for small details use your photo editor to zoom in.
The camera I now have is a point and shoot and it charges via USB with a lithium battery I love it and has removed that annoying batteries.
Buying endless batteries are expensive you could save lot of cash by upgrading your camera or even use the newer mobile phones.
Nikon Coolpix S6500  Orange colour
nickg5Author Commented:
The manual that came with the camera is very incomplete. It's 108 pages but only 15 are in English as the rest are in other languages.
I've read all 15 pages and not one single time was "macro used" and also no instructions or disabling the flash. This manual (the non internet version) is clearly a not meant to tell you how to use the many different settings and the icons for the settings are not going to match those on other brands of camera.

My batteries should take 1000's of photos per another question and per other EE members since they are lithium and made for digital cameras.

I'll check the online manual and hope it tells 100% more than the physical manual does.
Yes I see this often you buy a new camera and it doesn't have any software or true user guide only a service manual, they don't provide them with the cameras but are available online.
My Nikon came with software setup disc user guide I loved this camera so much I convinced my partner to buy one just 6 months ago but he decided to go up one level and this Nikon camera didn't provide the user hand book or a software setup disc it had to be downloaded off the internet.
There is this one I provided above
Pentax Optio 60 User Manual: Photography Mode; Shooting Images - The Basics

The Optio E60 operating manual, this manual explains everything
Name of buttons
nickg5Author Commented:
Ours is the 60.
There are settings within settings. So, no quick fix. The online manual has 22 extra pages and the manual in the box is lacking a whole lot.
nickg5Author Commented:
Thank you nickg5
nickg5Author Commented:
I can not find the "turn the flash off setting" and even with the flash a 4 inch photo is blurry so I have not been able to get close even with macro.
Is this day time or night time?
regardless stand back at around 2 to 3 feet with flash or without.
Put your coin onto a table then stand back about 2 to 3 feet and take the highest quality photo then load it onto your PC and using Windows Photo viewer zoom in
The highest quality is usually very big in size mine around 8 megs the reason is we can zoom into it without losing the clear picture. No distortion.
Example taken last night on a cloth with flash at 3 feet, it's my partners metal detecting coins, he wanted a better photo as well, I zoomed into it using windows photo viewer then using the snipping tool took this from the zoom
three coinsThis is the original off the camera not zoomed in using windows photo viewer
no zoom taken at 3 feet awayOn my camera I have modes at the end of the 4 way arrows, up is the flash.
On your camera following the PDF Guide
click the up arrow for flash? then set it off and ok>flash mode default is on click it to off
Our cameras are similar I hope, select the menu then use the 4 way buttons
Page 79
Flash settingsflash settings 2
nickg5Author Commented:
I got a photo with the flash off but it is blurry though not 2 inches away.
On my 4 way controller, the flash and the macro are both on there and opposite each other. I have not figured a way to get the flash off and the macro on at the same time.

The pixels are 6.0 so maybe there is a limit to how close.......coins previously photographed with a scanner are not good quality.

We need to photograph dozens of Indian artifacts in our open palm. The neighbor has a Canon ELPH and the photos of my hand are very good quality.
I have another question about digital camera batteries in case I get a Canon ELPH.
I recommend dont use the Macro that's probably the problem, using Macro has it's own inbuilt setting, take a normal picture at 2 to three feet with flash if it auto flash does it.
The 3 feet or 2 feet will compensate for the flash just have good light either way.
then load it onto your PC and use your photo editor or picture manager to zoom into it
then save the snip, if you don't have the snipping tool use print screen key on your keyboard and paste into word or Paint
You have Vista right?
The key is to take a normal photo with good quality and just use a image viewer to zoom in then snapshot it.
Using the above photo I have opened it again in windows photo viewer and zoomed as far as I can since my desktop is only so big
then I snapped it, click on this image I snap shot so you see how big it really it is.
zoomed in really close snapshot
There is also Greenshot great tool for taking various screenshots  from a whole web page or out of a word or region or the desktop
Green Shot Tutorial
Thankyou nickg5.
All the Best
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