Is there a formula to sort names?

Hello Experts!

Please view the attached photo.

Column J, looks at column H.  If it says "Active", then it displays "Last Name, First Name" from columns B & C.
Column K, looks at column H.  If it says "In Active", then it displays "Last Name, First Name" from columns B & C.

In columns L & M, while it is displaying the same names - there is NO FORMULA at work there.  It's an example of what I am trying to accomplish.

I would like column L, to look at column J and (1) group all names to top of list and (2) names are sorted alphabetically.

Is it possible to do what I am looking for, while only using a formula - and a basic formula at that? :)

I know what I want is possible via the use of formulas, I would just prefer the solution to be fairly easy to incorporate into my workbook.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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ProfessorJimJamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here is the perfect solution for you.
 it would have been easy for me if you would have attached the dummy data.  i had to type them all over again.

just remember that formula in columns L and M are array formula and require Control + Shift + Enter  
it will not give correct result if you just press enter.

this is the only solution with formulas, there is no basic formula to sort a range that has blank cells in ascending order.
GeekamoAuthor Commented:

Whoa,... that's a massive formula! Haha!  It appears to be working, and it appears, this is only possible via a formula as complex as that. I was hoping for a solution that would be a little easier to incorporate into my spreadsheet.

I'm going to take a longer look at the formula, I'm not sure if I can recreate it.

GeekamoAuthor Commented:
And too boot, it's an array formula! Haha!
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i guess, you dont have to recreate typing formula, basically you can change the range of $J$2:$J$11  to your original unsorted Active data column and then the L1:$L$1 change it to the desired column where you place the formula. i mean just change the letter from L to desired column Letter.  do not change the rest.   similarly for unsorted column $K$2:$K$11  and M1:$M$2
hahaha  you asked complex question that could only be answered with complex array formula :)
not to forget, this array formula is not only for sorting text, but it also takes care of numbers if your range would have any numbers.
GeekamoAuthor Commented:
@ ProfessorJimJam -

So after playing around with your solution, ultimately - I wasn't comfortable using it.  Not because it didn't work, it appeared to work flawlessly. :)  But, I try to keep all of my formulas on a level that I understand.

Yes, after looking at it - I can see how I would only need to change the references to fit my own setup.

I have spent some time, revising my code (since the screenshot I posted above) - and I rewritten many of the formulas.  My current setup, while it involves the use of "helper columns" - it'll have to do, until I get more comfortable using very long complex formulas/array formulas.

My workbook already has one array formula, - and I'll do anything to avoid more.  Haha!

That being said, thank you very much for providing this solution. I will be saving it for sure, because as I get more comfortable with Excel - your solution is a much better way than my own.

Thanks! :)
Thanks for feedback.

You are welcome
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