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Should political leaders be allowed to retain higher positions when arrested for influence peddling?

Should political leaders be allowed to retain higher positions when arrested for influence peddling?

How about if they are convicted of felony, and want to retain power from prison?

Aren't they supposed to be protected from being stopped from working, a diplomatic immunity?

Aren't they supposed to represent we the people?

(while some felons run and win election, others who are uncharged lose to dead opponents, and to 'someone else' (other))

_____________ [ optional resources/extracted ] _____________
_______________ [ three of New York  ] ________________________

FBI: NY Assembly speaker arrested on corruption charges - January 22, 2015 - Associated Press
New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver [Democrat] was arrested Thursday on charges he used his position as one of the state's most powerful politicians to collect millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks disguised as legitimate income.

The 70-year-old lawmaker was taken into custody at the FBI's New York City office and released later in the day on $200,000 bail on federal charges that included bribery and conspiracy. The charges carry up to 100 years in prison.

In a criminal complaint, authorities said Silver abused his power and "obtained about $4 million in payments characterized as attorney referral fees solely through the corrupt use of his official position."

In 2013, New York's anti-corruption commission began to investigate outside income earned by Silver and other state legislators. But the commission ran into resistance from Silver, and Cuomo shut down the panel last April.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the chief federal prosecutor in Manhattan, then took over the commission's files.

Silver handled a confidential settlement of $103,000 in public funds for two women who said they were sexually harassed by their boss

Former N.Y. State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa sentenced to year behind bars — hid income, had sham marriage to stay in U.S. - BY BARBARA ROSS  - October 3, 2014
[Democrat] Rosa admitted in June that to secure permanent illegal alien status, she paid an unidentified American man $8,000 to marry her. Her citizenship status will not be affected by the conviction.

Two-thirds of voters think Albany lawmakers are corrupt

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. tossed in jail after conviction on bribe charges - BY JOHN MARZULLI -  March 6, 2015
Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. was convicted of extortion and soliciting bribes by a federal jury Thursday and immediately tossed in jail.

_____________ [ 3 sequential Massachusetts House Speakers ] _____________

DiMasi convicted of corruption in Cognos case(Former Mass. Speaker of House) - By Milton J. Valencia, Glen Johnson, and Martin Finucane
Democratic House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi left the federal courthouse in Boston today after being convicted of seven of nine counts in a federal corruption case.

A jury in federal court in Boston today found former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi guilty of conspiring to exploit one of the most powerful offices in Massachusetts by helping a software company win multimillion-dollar state contracts in exchange for kickbacks.

DiMasi was convicted of seven of nine counts against him, including extortion and conspiracy to defraud citizens of his honest services.

A tale of 3 Speakers - Salvatore DiMasi, Thomas Finneran and Charles Flaherty: Is lure of power too tempting? - By The Associated Press on July 04, 2011
He – a woman has yet to fill the office – can reward supporters with plum committee assignments and extra stipends and punish critics by condemning them to a political Siberia in the Statehouse basement, all while blocking bills he opposes and pushing others to his liking.

Democratic House Speaker Thomas Finneran (DiMasi’s predecessor), also ran into trouble in part because of the power he wielded as speaker.

Finneran pleaded guilty in 2007 to a federal obstruction of justice charge for giving false testimony in a 2003 lawsuit over a legislative redistricting plan that diluted the clout of minority voters.

Democratic Speaker Charles Flaherty (Finneran’s predecessor), was forced from office after pleading guilty to a federal felony tax charge.

The hat trick of convictions has again prompted questions about the speaker’s clout in the marble-lined halls of the Statehouse.

"I don’t think that’s about party. I think that’s about inertia in some respect.”

“Speakers like to remain in power and they are going to be mindful of that,” he said.

One recent example of the power of the speaker over Massachusetts House members is the issue of casino gambling.

Under DiMasi, the House was opposed to efforts to expand gambling. Now under Democrat Robert A. DeLeo the House was suddenly much more amenable, provided the bill allowed slot machines at some of the state’s four racetracks.

Two of those racetracks are in DeLeo’s district.

During the 2014 corruption trial of former probation commissioner John O'Brien, prosecutors alleged that DeLeo had participated in the job-trading as a means of getting elected Speaker, although he was never charged
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2 Solutions
Innocent until proven guilty.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
- and for those who are convicted?
- they can claim innocent and under appeal.
- would that leave the time to serve the public that 'well'?

-or -

- should a 'higher standard' (ethics) apply to to some, whether in service of public (ex police), governance, even 'control' (not to mention the 'role models')

Footnote: a role of speaker can lead to selection of which legislation may never see light of day,
a single legislator can block a piece of legislation that could otherwise have unanimous approval (not just simple majority)  - such as 'proven' by the bills to aid veterans to counter the claimed 22 per day suicide rate (exceeding war casualty rate).

I can likely agree in part when it seems to be more of a circus, accusations without substance or merit
- and for those who are convicted?
- they can claim innocent and under appeal.
- would that leave the time to serve the public that 'well'?
Those that are convicted are guilty unless proven innocent. That is why convicted criminals are kept in jail during their appeals.

I better question do we let them run for office again after they serve their punishment, or what if they get off on a technicality.
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SunBowAuthor Commented:
> That is why convicted criminals are kept in jail during their appeals.

[counter example]

Virginia ex-governor to stay out of prison pending appeal: court - By Gary Robertson - RICHMOND, Va. Mon Jan 26, 2015
(Reuters) - Former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell will remain free pending his appeal of conviction on 11 federal corruption charges, a U.S. appeals court ruled

[flaunting a pushing of the envelope - excerpts of junkets]

New Jersey’s ethics rules stipulate that the state’s governor has more leeway in accepting gifts from his personal friends
Chris Christie’s Rich Friendships - By Amy Davidson - February 3, 2015
The family time included a thirty-thousand-dollar bill at a Kempinski hotel and “a Champagne reception in the desert.”

Christie also signed an executive order that made it possible for interest groups and foreign governments to pay for him

Choose NJ paid for a Christie trip this week, which is why his measles-abetting remarks about parental choice and vaccines were issued from the United Kingdom.

ADL urged RNC not to join American Family Association Israel trip - February 4, 2015 - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
“Groups promoting anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-Mormon hate from their platforms seem an inappropriate partner for what was meant to be a positive effort,”

Some 60 RNC members had signed on for the trip... funded by the American Family Association (AFA)..

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) asked the Republican National Committee (RNC) to reconsider an Israel trip sponsored by a group associated with attacks on gays and minorities.
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Closing time, as general thread of moneybag issue continues on here: - 2015-02-03
Opinions re: Possible Republican 2016 rivals/issues?
SunBowAuthor Commented:

Award balances the duo of:

- Innocent until proven guilty.
- convicted are guilty unless proven innocent

[other responses]

> I better question do we let them run for office again after they serve their punishment, or what if they get off on a technicality.

We do (both)
Among reasons: They may be only one that THEY place on ballot (little choice provided)
SunBowAuthor Commented:
Jailed politician votes against ban on 'obscene material' in jail - MSNBC - 2/6/2015
Rachel Maddow reports on Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey, a 57-year-old in jail on charges related to having sex with a minor, who had the opportunity to vote on a law banning 'obscene materials' in jail. He voted no, but the bill still passed.
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