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How do I retrieve a value from a boost::bimap by key in VS C++?


First time using boost::bimap.

I have constructed the following typedef:
typedef boost::bimap<std::basic_string<TCHAR>, int> argvType;

I load values into the bimap:
argvType arguments;

for (int index = 0; index < argc; index++)
      arguments.insert(argvType::value_type(argv[index], index));

How do I retrieve a value from the bimap assuming I'm using the following key:
std::basic_string<TCHAR> fileIn = L"foo";

I want to retrieve the string value in the map associated with the key.
I know there's probably better ways to do this, but I'd like to stick with
the implementation I've started.

I would think I should be able to use a [] operator or a get().
How do this?

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2 Solutions
You need to use one 'view' of your bimap to do the lookup, i.e.

argvType::iterator it = argument.right.find(fileIn);

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Also check out this decent tutorial about using bimaps: http://mybyteofcode.blogspot.de/2010/02/representing-bidirectional-relationship.html ("Representing bidirectional relationship with boost::bimap")
jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I think I'm missing something there.

I get the following compilation error:
Error	138	error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'boost::bimaps::detail::map_view_iterator<Tag,BimapType>' 
o 'boost::bimaps::detail::set_view_iterator<boost::multi_index::detail::bidir_node_iterator
c:\affectiva\source\affdex-windows-sdk\affdexfacewindowssdkconsoleapp\affdex-console-app.cpp	97

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jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:
All I really want to do is to retrieve the "value" at that key if it exists.
Not clear to me yet how to do that.
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Ooops, sorry, should have been

argvType::right_map::iterator it = argument.right.find(fileIn);

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A good lecture on bimap starting at at 34:50
jxbmaSoftware ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Still missing something here.

std::basic_string<TCHAR> fileIn = L"-f";
argvType::right_map::iterator it = arguments.right.find(fileIn);

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still produces:
Error      141      error C2664: 'int boost::bimaps::container_adaptor::detail::key_to_base_identity<int,KeyType>::operator ()(Key &) const' : cannot convert argument 1 from 'const std::basic_string<wchar_t,std::char_traits<wchar_t>,std::allocator<wchar_t>>' to 'const int &'      c:\boost\include\boost\bimap\container_adaptor\associative_container_adaptor.hpp      194
Error      142      error C2780: 'boost::multi_index::detail::bidir_node_iterator<boost::multi_index::detail::ordered_index_node<Super>> boost::multi_index::detail::ordered_index<boost::multi_index::member<boost::bimaps::relation::detail::relation_storage<TA,TB,true>,int,pointer-to-member(0x1c)>,std::less<int>,SuperMeta,boost::mpl::vector1<T0>,boost::multi_index::detail::ordered_unique_tag>::find(const CompatibleKey &,const CompatibleCompare &) const' : expects 2 arguments - 1 provided      c:\boost\include\boost\bimap\container_adaptor\associative_container_adaptor.hpp      195

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