Sage 50 and DFS

I have local and remote server replicating a names space over VPN.

If I map a drive to namespace using \\domain.tld\dfsroot\share  Sage 50 Connection mamager tell me that Connection Manager is not running on the hosting server (It's running on both)

If I map drive using \\memberserver\dfsroot\share Sage Connection manager is happy.

This defeats to purpose if the damespace.  Anyone have any ideas how to get around this?

Should DNS not be pointing domain.tld to the AD (which is also namespace server)

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BMardenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I talked to Sage and DFS is not supported, must be mapped using server path or UNC path with servername in the SMB block
Bruce DenneySage 50 Consultant and IntegratorCommented:
Is this the Canadian version of Sage 50?
BMardenAuthor Commented:
Informing board that there is no solution, configuration not supported
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