Outlookanywhere is not working, how?

This is a single exchange 2K7 server on MS Windows 2003 r2 OS. It is working fine, except the Outlookanywhere - not working. I have tried to disable, and then enable back the outlookanywhere, the result is the same. How should troubleshoot and get the problem resolved? The exchange 2007 is running with sp3.

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MichaelBalackConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After setting up the certificate using MS Internal CA, and outlookanywhere is working fine.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
Hi Michael,

Is Outlook Anywhere was earlier working or you are trying to configure it now?
Is server has a third party or self signed certitifate installed?
Any error events related to RPC over HTTP Config are observed in eventlog of the server?
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Shreedhar,

It was working in the past.
It is using a self-signed cert.
No on event log.
MichaelBalackAuthor Commented:
Besides change to use the MS Certificate Service, I also upgrade the MS Exchange server 2013 to SP1. Now, outlook anywhere is working fine.
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