How do I change a Google+ primary domain

Is there a way to change the primary domain / email within Google+?
For example I have a Google+ account already fully established, which I do not want to lose, that has a primary account of and I want to have this account changed to, or possibly
I cannot use the account to receive mail because the MX records have been pointed to a Microsoft Exchange service now.

Thanks in advance
Bob P
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e-Tec_SupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I wish I could have received this sooner, looks like the answer I wanted. But have already deleted the Google+ account and started a new one.

Thanks anyway.
Bob P
Christopher BarnesCommented:
The best option would be to transfer the old Google+ account to new, by using Google Takeout.
Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
Are you trying to change your primary email associated with a personal Google+ page or a business Google+ page?

I've had some major headaches dealing with this in the past, and I recall that I was unable to change the primary email for the business Google+ page without submitting a formal request to the Google+ team.

However, I have found this article to be highly useful -
e-Tec_SupportAuthor Commented:
Deleted account and started new account.
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