A big Excel spreadsheet in a Powerpoint presentation slide


I need to copy an Excel spreadsheet to a PowerPoint presentation slide. The problem is that it has 85 rows and is impossible to see it, as below:

I wish that it has a horizontal scrollbar, as shown below:

How can I do this?


Marcelo Camarate
Marcelo CamarateAsked:
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Jamie GarrochConnect With a Mentor PowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
There is one way I know of to achieve what you want. Instead of inserting an Excel object, you can add a VBA Listbox control to the slide and then copy the data from the Excel sheet to that control. The result is that you have a scrolling view of the same data, albeit not formatted as per the source sheet.

PowerPoint Slide Show with dynamic data scrolling
Example code for the screenshot which is placed in the slide object within the PowerPoint VBA project:

Sub LoadDataInListBox()
  Dim counter As Integer
  With lbExcelData
    .ColumnCount = 3
    .ColumnWidths = "50pt;100pt;100pt"
    For counter = 0 To 50
      .AddItem counter
      .List(counter, 1) = "test string"
      .List(counter, 2) = "column 3"
  End With
End Sub

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I don't think you can.

Copy just the appropriate number of rows from the table onto subsequent slides. Ideally filter the Excel list so that you can include the column titles on each slide.
Marcelo CamarateAuthor Commented:
Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your reply.

Really, use Listbox is not a very good solution because the cell format is lost. But I saw in somewhere in Internet that I could use the "Microsoft Office Spreadsheet" control that appears in the Developer / More Controls window, but it does not appear in my environment, described below:

Windows 7 Home Premium
Microsoft Office 2010

I really could use this control to keep the cells format of the original Excel spreadsheet? And if yes, how do I do to available it in my Microsoft Powerpoint 2010?


Marcelo Camarate
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SimonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ribbon: Insert/table/Excel Spreadsheet is one option (in my Office 2010 version of powerpoint).

In my Developer tab of the ribbon, there is no Microsoft Office Spreadsheet in 'More controls':
The list goes straight from
Microsoft DDS 80
Microsoft External Item Picker

Just to confirm, that the Excel spreadsheet (embedded) will still not allow you to scroll in presentation mode, so the end result is not much different from pasting the table data into the presentation.
Marcelo CamarateAuthor Commented:
Hi SimonAdept,

Thaks for your reply. But your suggestion is similar to I copy and paste an Excel spreadsheet to a Powerpoint presentation slide, and is not good for me.


Marcelo Camarate
Jamie GarrochConnect With a Mentor PowerPoint Consultant & DeveloperCommented:
It looks like there may be a way to do it as follows:


The first point to note is that the WebBrowser control is disabled in Office 2013 due to a Microsoft security policy.

But, I got this to work by modifying Sid's code to copy the range into a chart object and then exporting that as the picture file before loading it back into the WebBrowser control. Pretty cumbersome!
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
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