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I have a user in Excel 2010 that asked the question: We are trying to pull up an excel schedule but it says it's locked for editing by me.. I haven't locked it and we are getting read only since it says I'm in the worksheet.
How do we get this fixed quickly so Jeff can get into the worksheet and update his amounts. Is there a way to kill her session on this Locked file?
Dennis MillerAsked:
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helpfinderConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
try to check if still some excel.exe process in not running in Task manager
also check in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp for that file and if it appears here delete it
Dennis MillerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I will try this and get back to you.
omgangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the Excel file is on a file server you should be able to kill the orphaned session from the server console.
OM Gang
Dennis MillerAuthor Commented:
Thanks that did work. I ended up killing the process and it worked fine.
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