Mac Mail Version 8.1 Preference Settings

I had an older version - don't recall the version number and loved it.  Now I am having problems with new version using OX Yosemite.  

I did set preference to "classic"  but it still is awful to use.  Maybe there is another setting I can select to modify how it works.  

Here are my top 3 complaints:

1. I can be reading an email from someone and then in the in-box the email I AM READING gets an unread circle by it.  Looks like what happens is the person who sent me the original email may have resent another email with same subject line to add to their message.  It is very confusing.  I would like new emails to appear as a new email.  Brand spanking new.  Not tucked along with this one.

2.  Email attachments.  I used to use Attachment Tamer  which is a third party plugin that helped Windows users view attachments (jpg, pdf, doc, etc).  They do not service Yosemite Mail.  Yes, I  click on the attachment and select (windows friendly) prior to sending.  I also click on attachment and send as an icon.  Clients get a thumbnail of the attachment and cannot make it bigger.  Is there another plug-in that would help me?

3.  What the heck does "Flagged" mean?  Is it listed right below my inbox icon.  I have 11,000 emails that are flagged!

Hoping some of these issues can be resolved.
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Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
1. By default main is grouped by conversation, which will group together emails. If you want it in standard flat date order with no grouping, go to the View menu, and untick 'Organize by Conversation'.

2. Exactly what are you wanting a plugin to do? Is it just to preview attachments within Mac Mail?
Maybe someone else has written a compatible plugin but I have not used any myself.

3. Flags are little coloured flags to allow you to categorise main e.g. holidays, friends, work, important, etc by attaching a flag to it. A red flag means Important usually. Flags can be cleared vu Flag icon in the toolbar or Message menu, Flag selection.
nsitedesignsAuthor Commented:
1. Unchecking Organize by Conversation has saved my life!  Thanks!

2. I was hoping to find out a solution as to why windows users cannot click on and view attachments in their full size.  I don't need to preview them.  It is for people I am sending attachments too.

3.  I am familiar with what flags are.  I just didn't expect to see a item I could click on to the left to view ALL flags since the dawn of time.  LOL.  I organized my flagged emails by clicking on the flag icon.   Is there a way to remove the flagged folder on left?  I do not use it.
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
I couldn't see a way of hiding the Flagged folder on the left, so I am afraid you will have to live with it for now.
nsitedesignsAuthor Commented:
Oh, one other thing that gets my goat about this new release is that I used to be able to navigation to a folder, double click to open folder and navigate to particular file that I want to attach.  Now, when I double click on the folder, it attaches the ENTIRE folder!  There have been some close calls in which I almost sent customers my contract FOLDER (which includes ALL customer contracts) instead of sending them THEIR contract.
Peter HutchisonSenior Network Systems SpecialistCommented:
Close call there.
I think Apple's motto should be changed from 'I just works' to 'I just almost works' :-)
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