SharePoint 2013 Foundation -- hosted with AD intergration ?

What "SharePoint 2013 Foundation" website
hoster do you recommend for the below ?
  ** under $200/mth
  ** 100 users
  ** 7 subsites
  ** 1 GB per subsite
  ** no migration needed
  ** under 5GB bandwidth usage per month
  ** AD intergration so users don't need to
    resign after they are on my INTERNAL domain
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Mohit NairConnect With a Mentor Senior AssociateCommented:
Best recommendation is to contact and take up platinum package. Prefer to pay annually through which you can save more and attain good customer service from them.
Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the only one I have seen who offers AD integration is:

But it seems that their Pro option is slightly above your limit (USD 295).

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