Encrypting files saved on drop Box

I have been a long time fan of Truecrypt. I used it to create containers . I have a client who uses drop box and I would like to
create a situation where they can encrypt the data they are using and keep it housed on dropbox.
This data is sensitive and needs to be shared among several computers . This is Wndows 8.1 desktop and I know that Truecrypt has some unanswered questions but is still at this point secure . The problem is I am hearing that it will not install on 8.1 . What would you recommend I use .
Remember the idea is to encrypt the data stored in dropbox. So that the user enters a password and is able to access the data stored there.
 Much in the same way that Truecrypt would .
I know bitlocker can  encrypt the hard drive of the computer . But this does not help once it is in the cloud storage .
Andre PAsked:
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Truecrypt installed fine on Windows 8.1 for me.    Truecrypt is still the best solution for me.

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Gabriel CliftonNet AdminCommented:
Use a zip program like 7Zip to zip / encrypt the files on dropbox. share the password for that file with whomever needs it.
As I heard (I don't use dropbox myself) https://www.boxcryptor.com/en is a good solution.

BTW: truecrypt works on 8.1. With bitlocker, you can use containers, too, the truecrypt developers even explain it in detail on their page: http://truecrypt.sourceforge.net/ , section "If you have a file container encrypted by TrueCrypt".
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Andre PAuthor Commented:
May I ask what version of Truecrpyt are you using on 8.1 ?
I have no idea why you close the question. Did you evelaute your options? Or did you just like truecrypt all the way, so you want to keep it? Obviously, it was not meant to be used with cloud storage, in the first place and is not at all optimized for that.
Andre PAuthor Commented:
I actually closed by accident .
I really wanted to keep it if it ran on Windows 8.1.
No one came forward and said that it could not be used or that they were themselves using anything better .
I admit I am ambivalent about it but until the audit shows us a reason to migrate or there is another open source solution .
I think we should stick .
The client wanted something that looked and acted like a drive which they are used to .
Learning curve is a consideration .
At least look at my suggestion, I guess it's straight forward and free at least for private usage.

I'm running 7.1a on Windows 8.1 (x6 machines), haven't had any issues with it.     I've done extensive research on Truecrypt and see no reason to stop using it.  As popular as Truecrypt is, If there were a problem it would be well known in no time at all.
Andre PAuthor Commented:
I took a brief look at boxcryptor .
I am just skeptical about the subscription model for encryption.
I think i could pay that way for storage .
But when you are paying that way for a key...
I dont know why .. I guess i would need to be more comfortable .
Like i said I know and trust Truecrypt.
Until I hear WHY it is not secure ..
Andre PAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

Informational (?) objection.
Please stick to the rules and at least tell us what you chose as siolution and why you think you haven't been helped.
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