Outlook 2013 consistently ask for password, hosted by Office 365

I have a strange issue.  I recently setup a not-for-profit organization with Office 365.  They only have four employees with each having brand new laptops running Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.  Three of the four are running retail versions of Office 2013 with the other running Office 2013 installed from Office 365.  All of them are having the issue of Outlook constantly asking for a password every time it's launched.  I've checked the credential manager, autodiscovery tests that all pass, firewalls, reinstalled office, and created new profifles, but not having any luck.  They share a network with another office that has identical laptops with Office 2013 that doesn't have this issue.  The only difference is they are on a different 365 plan and do not use Box.com for cloud storage.

I've brought my personal laptop in that has the same Office 2013 and created a profile of theirs and I can't get it to ask for a password.  

I've read somewhere that it might be related to an improper global catalog server registration, but I'm not sure with them using 365.

Anyone have experience with this that might be able to shed some light on it?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check for shared calendars as well, they might be causing prompts. Repeated prompts are usually due to autodiscover, but if they are only happening when launching Outlook, we can rule that out.

Having the Security options grayed out means that they are connecting via MAPI/HTTP. I think I remember an issue like this, but I cannot find any article to confirm it. You can check if MAPI/HTTP is in place via the Connection Status dialog in Outlook (hold CTRL and right-click on Outlook's icon in the tray) - it will say "HTTP" under Protocol and the server name will be "https://outlook.office365.com". If this is the case, you might consider disabling MAPI/HTTP using the registry key:


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Also, check for any missing patches for Office 2013 (or running the latest version if using click-to-run)
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
What does the credential prompt look like, does it mention any server name? Are those domain joined laptops? Do they have a proxy server that requires auth? Have they added any additional/shared mailboxes or calendars in the same Outlook profile, SharePoiint lists, etc? Have you checked the "Always prompt for login credentials" checkbox under Account settings -> More settings -> Security? Do the prompts happen periodically (say every 30 minutes), or only when Outlook starts? Are the credentials actually accepted or it keeps asking them?
french44Author Commented:
The credential prompt is the general prompt given by outlook just asking for email address, password and the check box to remember password, which doesn't work.  These laptops are not joined to a domain and they do not have a proxy server.  There is one user that is viewing another's mailbox but the other three do not.  They are not using SharePoint.  The settings under Security are all greyed out but that option shows as unchecked.  From my experience they are only prompted when launching Outlook but they have mentioned that there are days where it would appear multiple times and I doubt they are closing Outlook that many times throughout the day.  The creds are accepted and everything works fine after logging in.

One thing that I did notice that when I was attempting to create a new profile the setup couldn't connect thru SSL.  But if I would back up a step and have it try again it would work.  This happened a couple of times but not regularly.  I did test their autodiscovery and there were no errors.
french44Author Commented:
I checked the connection status and their protocol does show HTTP.  The registry entry was not there so I added it.  Should it have been there?  After adding it I restarted the laptop and launched Outlook and checked the connection status again, and it still shows HTTP under protocol.

Their version is 15.0.4667.1000 and it's 32 bit.
french44Author Commented:
But since adding the reg entry disabling MapiHttp the login screen has stayed away.  I've told them to restart their Outlook frequently throughout the day today to see if it returns.
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