Windows 8

Is there a way to boot to a restore feature.
The system boots to a black screen with only the pointer visable.
Andrew FairAsked:
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Do you have another functioning Windows 8 machine? If so, you can create a USB recovery drive using the steps here:

Once you have the recovery drive you can boot to it and 'Refresh' your Windows 8 installation. You may also need your Windows 8 installation media to perform the refresh. See here for the steps:
Praveen Kumar BonalaProgrammer AnalystCommented:
Check weather you are able to boot in safe mode or not?
Andrew FairAuthor Commented:
Safe Mode in Win 8?

How do you get there, its easy in Win 7
Andrew FairAuthor Commented:
USB recovery drive worked like a charm, thank you!
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