Copy Rows from one sheet where the date > the latest date on another sheet

Posted on 2015-01-28
Last Modified: 2016-02-10

In the attached example, I want to find the latest date in column A on sheet 1, then copy all rows from sheet 2 to sheet 1 where the date in column A on sheet 2 is greater than the latest date in column A on sheet 1.

In my example, the solution would copy the 3 highlighted rows from sheet 2 to sheet 1, appending at the end of the existing data.

I would use this on data sets that are many thousands of rows so the solution shouldn't be based on how many rows are in this example.

Thanks in advance,

Question by:swjtx99
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Assisted Solution

by:Saqib Husain, Syed
Saqib Husain, Syed earned 200 total points
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Sub movlatest()
    Set tws = Sheets("Sheet1")
    Set sws = Sheets("Sheet2")
    ld = WorksheetFunction.Max(Range("A:A"))
    For Each cel In sws.Range("A:A")
        If cel.Value <> "" Then
            If cel.Value > ld Then
                cel.EntireRow.Copy tws.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1)
            End If
        End If
    Next cel
End Sub
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 40576920
Here is the code that could do that with no FLAW.
Pls note that the code that Saquib posted is fine except that it has a flaw if you are positioned in sheet2 and activate the macro then you will only get the header copied ! if you are positioned in Sheet1 and activate the macro it will copy the header + the correct records.

For this reason only I posted my code.
Sorry for this.

Sub CopyLatestRows()
Dim WS1 As Worksheet
Dim WS2 As Worksheet
Dim cCell As Range
Dim MaxDate As Date
Dim I As Long, MaxRow1 As Long, MaxRow2 As Long

Set WS1 = Sheets("Sheet1")
MaxRow1 = WS1.Range("A" & WS1.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
MaxDate = Application.WorksheetFunction.Max(WS1.Range("A:A"))

Set WS2 = Sheets("Sheet2")
MaxRow2 = WS2.Range("A" & WS2.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

For I = 2 To MaxRow2
    If WS2.Cells(I, "A") > MaxDate Then
        WS2.Cells(I, "A").EntireRow.Copy WS1.Cells(MaxRow1, "A")
        MaxRow1 = MaxRow1 + 1
    End If
Next I

MsgBox "Transfer Done."
End Sub

Open in new window

and here is the workbook attached just run the macro that is there.
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Henson
ID: 40577194
You can also do this without VBA. You can use Advanced Filter function.

If you set the AF to filter in place rather than copy to another location, you can then copy and paste the results to append to the other sheet.

AF requires a subset table of data with at least one header and one criteria beneath it. This would be your date header and a formula to pull the Max date from existing data:

Date Header

Rob H
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Author Closing Comment

ID: 40578870

Thanks to both Saqib and goflow. Both solutions worked so I thought a point distribution would be fair and I gave a slight edge to goflow since his solution doesn't copy the header row. I tried both on sheets with many thousands of lines and both seemed to run in about the same time (~5 sec)

Many thanks,

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Expert Comment

ID: 40579400
Your welcome.
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Expert Comment

by:Rob Henson
ID: 40579410
Did you try the Filter option or am I just being ignored??

Author Comment

ID: 40615061
Hi Rob,

Very sorry for the delayed reply. I've been out of pocket lately.

I needed a vba option, sorry I didn't specify but thought that was clear. Also apologize for not acknowledging your proposed solution. I'll be more careful in the future and I appreciate you taking the time to offer your expertise.


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Expert Comment

by:Rob Henson
ID: 40615381
Apologies accepted. I was probably having a bad day as well.

The filter option could have been included in a VBA routine.

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