parental control software not working on mac 10.10

I have a Mac that I have setup mostly for my 8 and 4 year old.  PC's are my thing, not so much MACS, unfortunately.  Kaspersky parental controls were working at one time (and least I think they were) but now I can't get Kaspersky or anything else to work.  I've tried the built in Mac Parental Controls, K9 web protection and Kaspersky.  I'm thinking about trying Net Nanny but I'm afraid I'll send $40 and it won't work either.  
I tried creating a new user for the kids and starting fresh with the setup up of the parental controls and it still doesn't block bad sites.  KEY NOTE.... If I limit sites to only those I allow, it will block most site, even google, but sites like instantly come up and are very graphic.  I'm so frustrated.  My daughter saw some things no 8 year should see!!!  I'm pissed!  Appreciate your help as I'm ready to throw this Mac in the street.
Thank You.
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Mac Parental Controls:
Open the Accounts window, click Open Parental Controls.  or click Parental Controls in System Preferences.
Select your child’s name in the list on the left.
Decide which controls that you require.
You will need to block some sites manually.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
I did that.  That is one of the three that I mentioned as having tried.  It will block a lot but, a lot of sex sites still come up.  I'm thinking about just reinstalling the OS and maybe that will fix it.
Yes, a restore of the OS will reset everything and then you can set up your needed Parental Controls again.
You must block all sites that include XXX words to have better Parental Controls.

Using the www you can never stop all unwanted content.
Internet users can watch anything from stupid pranks to anything worse that has been posted on youtube or other streaming sites.
Meaning that you cannot always block certain content without blocking everything.
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Sean JacksonConnect With a Mentor Information Security AnalystCommented:
I would recommend stopping things at the DNS level. Use the family settings from OpenDNS. I don't work for them, but I recommend their services to everyone who asks.  You set your router (through which all wired and wifi access come) to look to their filters for your DNS, which will block inappropriate sites. You can give them your email, but you don't have to. It's a free service, and they show you how to set that router up very easily.

Next -- don't give your daughter a smart phone. Teach them well, and let them govern themselves. They're going to do that whether you teach them well or not.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
I was thinking about open DNS but I read a couple post about it slowing down our internet speed.  Do you know if that's true?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I was thinking about open DNS but I read a couple post about it slowing down our internet speed.  Do you know if that's true? it is false, it is probably even better as a DNS than your isp is
Sean JacksonConnect With a Mentor Information Security AnalystCommented:
False. Your browser uses DNS for every request it makes (it should cache the names it resolves, so it doesn't have the re-resolve every time).
serialbandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
People buy tools such as net-nanny to avoid having to figure out and configure all the sites.  If you're using the default Parental controls, you'll have to customize the list and add them manually as you encounter them.  If you have 2 separate accounts, it's easier to set the list in one account and just copy it on the command line.

sudo dscl . -mcxexport /Users/user1 -o mcx_file

sudo dscl . -mcximport /Users/user2 mcx_file

If you know how to edit the files, you can add to them remotely.

Somehow, I never had to use any censorship tool and my kids turned out fine.  I even taught them how to circumvent censorship tools and gain root or admin access.  At that age, they are generally disgusted by "gross" sexual images they accidentally encounter and won't knowingly go back to them on their own.

Don't give your kids a computer at such a young age.  They don't really need it.  Give them legos, building blocks, bouncy balls, bicycles, etc..., and have them play outside.  They need to move around and explore and imagine, not sit on their rear ends all day glued to a screen.  Crayons and paper and books help kids much more than a computer at those ages.
PCGalOfCalAuthor Commented:
I still have not figured it out or re-installed yet.  The parental controls work somewhat.  As long as you don't type in certain pornographic searches and click on the links (which my kids won't do at this point) I guess it's ok as long as I'm in the room.  Sorry for the delay.  Was hoping to have a better solution but who knows when that will be.

Thanks for all the suggestions and tips.  ;-)

P.S.  @ Serialband
My daughter is in 3rd grade and is required to do a good portion of school on the computer (private school).  Therefore, the computer is mandatory, not optional.  Legos, canyons and backyard dirt won't cut it but I understand your point. :-)
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