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what are the main key elements you would focus on analyzing a .NET resume before f2f interview

Posted on 2015-02-01
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Last Modified: 2015-02-17
can you suggest what are the aspects you would look for in a resume for a .NET programming position with experience of 7 year experience required, in relation to prepare yourself for a f2f or phone interview?
Question by:25112
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Accepted Solution

Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger) earned 2000 total points
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Research the specifics of the job, and concentrate on the specifics of the posting. .NET programming is to vague, it is almost as saying "experienced in programming".

You can do so many things with .NET that there is not one job out there nowadays that requires simply .NET experience. I have 15 years of experience with .NET and consider myself as a programmer with a very high skill level in Windows Form applications. But I would be the last one to hire for Web applications.

If you have expertise only in VB, you are probably loosing your time going into an interview for a company that works only in C#. However, if your expertise is in C#, you might be welcomed in a company that focused on VB, because you are seen as a more experiences programmer.

Is the company seeking a classic Windows Form programmer, a Web programmer, a mobile (phone and tablet) programmer, a library programmer? If it is Web, is their work oriented toward ASP, AJAX, MVC or something else?

Do they use databases, if so which ones. Otherwise do they deal a lot with XML and/or JSON files?

You thus have to research the company to know what their specific needs are.

Author Comment

ID: 40584706
that's helpful. thanks.

can you clarify the below:

>>But I would be the last one to hire for Web applications.

are the skills interchangeable when the person is experienced in web application and desires to move to forms development or mobile etc?

in general sense, how easy or reasonable would it be for an experienced programmer to be able to adapt to a new facet, if the job requires so. (example, a  form programmer now is added to team that is to work on a PDA programming).
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Assisted Solution

by:Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger) earned 2000 total points
ID: 40584800
No, the skills are not really interchangeable. They mostly use the same programming languages, but the way to design the interface, the way to react to user interaction and the way to access data are very different from one platform to another. It takes a while for somebody who is experienced in one technology before he is fluent in another one.

That is exactly what I meant by my sentence. Although I consider that I am very good at developing Windows Forms applications, I would be a very bad candidate if the job was for a Web or a mobile developer. Because my resume is true to my experience, I would be surprised to get an interview if the job if for a Web programmer.

As for your last question, it depends greatly on the employer.

If they are in the middle of a project and lost a programmer, deadlines being what they usually are, bringing somebody up to date with the project already takes some time. They would never consider having to also bring a new developer up to date with a technology he does not know.

At other places, you might be a lone developer, and have nobody to coach you into a new field. In these places its easier to sell yourself, because the interviewer sometimes does not really know what skills to look for. But your new employer might grow impatient because it will take you weeks to get your first work out.

Others are preparing for future projects, maybe they are building a team, maybe they cannot find the exact candidate that they need, and they would be whiling to hire somebody, with the concession for a lesser paycheck, and train him so that he will be ready when the project starts. In such a case, they could be simply looking for somebody that can demonstrate good programming and learning skills, and overlook his specific skills.

And there are all the situations in between.

So the best way to be prepared is to know the needs of the employer.

In these old days when I was looking for jobs, I liked to work with head hunters. They are the link between you and the employer, and they can be very useful in giving you the necessary information and even tips to help you land the jackpot. If the job you are currently looking for comes from an agency, do not hesitate, call them. They might even have something else that is better suited to your expertise.

Nowadays, I would do the same through Linked in. Even through I am not actively looking for anything, I hold a minimum presence on the network with only summary resume. Anyway, I regularly receive inquiries from potential employers and a lot of head hunters. I imagine what it could be if I would really take time to develop my profile.

Some employers will react in a positive way if you call them to have more details before sending your resume. Others do not like that at all. So if you ever want to go this route, do not give your name up front on the phone, just say that you are looking forward to their job position and would like more information. Give your name only if you feel that they are glad to get your call.

Author Comment

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truly helpful!

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