CDC: CDC is working with one database for same server but not other database


I've one database server where CDC is enabled.
But I could not capture data in CDC tables in another database. In SQL agent job, it is giving below error:

"Change Data Capture has scanned the log from LSN{0006DC4E:000CE092:0001} to LSN{0006DC4E:000D61F0:0003}, 500 transactions with 14708 commands have been extracted. To report on the progress of the operation, query the sys.dm_cdc_log_scan_sessions dynamic management view."

Error # 22803

Could you please look into it?
Best Regards,
Mohit Pandit
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Aaron ShiloConnect With a Mentor Chief Database ArchitectCommented:

do you have CLOB , BLOB on that DB?
If a table that you are looking to enable CDC on has BLOB fields you will need to modify the "max text repl size" to it's maxiumum allowed value (2147483647) otherwise you will get truncation errors.  This is a replication setting but because CDC piggybacks on the functionality this is where you would need to make the change.
MohitPanditAuthor Commented:
Okay, let me check on it & update you.

Best Regards
MohitPanditAuthor Commented:
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