excel = this cell if this cell is blank

How do I use an IF staement to make a cell = to another cell if a third cell is blank??

IE:  a1=b1 if c1 is blank
Curtis LongAsked:
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rspahitzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes...add an AND clause right after the IF portion:

=IF( AND(C1="", D1=""), B1, "")
This formula in A1:

=IF(C1="", B1, "other value")
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Enter this formula in A1
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In some cases, you need to also check for empty, which can be done this way:

=IF(LEN(C1)=0, B1, "other value")
Curtis LongAuthor Commented:
Nice!!  :-)

One other question:

If I now want to say a1 = b1 if c1 is blank AND D1 says sam

Can I do this without blowing my brain up??  :-)
Curtis LongAuthor Commented:
Wonderful!!  Thank you!!
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