How to create a script in Ubuntu 14.04 to join several pdf files into one file?

I would like a script that will join several pdf files into one file, using Ubuntu 14.04.  I would need the ability to double click on a file and it would activate the script that would join 4 files on the desktop into one file.  ie 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf and 4.pdf into one file called PRS.pdf.
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serialbandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, it's a command line tool.  You won't be able to do that without some wrappers.  There are viewers that make use of ghostscript, like evince and gsview, but they only let you view PDFs.

You could try PDF Shuffler if you want a GUI tool.
Ghostscript can do that...
Install ghostscript in ubuntu
sudo apt-get install ghostscript

Here's an example line on how to combine the files
gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=PRS.pdf -dBATCH 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf 4.pdf

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100questionsAuthor Commented:
Would I double click a file and this script will run?
You can make shortcut to trippleclick.... No idea though how you pass file name arguments that way...
sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Your script can contain this command
convert *.pdf output.pdf
100questionsAuthor Commented:
Have not tried this, hopefully it works.
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