Setup an analog FXS port so it can be used for overhead paging

We currently have a Cisco 2811 that has a VIC2-2FXS card in it that we need to setup for our overhead paging system. I seem to recall that this can be done by creating a phone number that can be called but don't remember the specifics. We're currently running Call Manager 7.0.3 and IOS 12.4 on our router.
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sr75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Its been a few years since I last set up an analog paging system, but it needs an FXO port and not an FXS.

Here is an older config guide for connecting a Valcom overhead paging unit to a cisco MGCP gateway.
license-metroAuthor Commented:
sr75 - I know that the FXS card will work because we initially set it up that way awhile ago but the config was lost.
I don't know the paging system you are using.  I have primarily used valcoms and they need the FXO card.  What paging system are you using?
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