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I'm searching for a dynamic DNS Solution for a mail server. My client have a Exchange 2013 farm with 2 internet Access.
Actually, MX high availability is OK (MX 10 point to one public ip adress & MX 20 point to the second one).
I want to find a solution to automate the DNS change of the URL "webmail.client.com" to point to the active internet line.

My firewall i actually able to switch to the second line if first line become unavailable.

I found one solution : install a dyndns/no-ip system on the exchange server to announce  to DynDNS service the actual public IP but i'm searching for a system which is able to check (for exemple) the availability of the webmail and to point to the good IP address.

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Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerAsked:
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Benjamin MOREAUConnect With a Mentor Project ManagerAuthor Commented:
I found the solution I need: an hosted service.

This service check every 2 minutes the availability of webmail. If webmail is down on the first IP, this service change the DNS record to the second IP address.

Write your own code! But keep DynDNS.

You have to get the code running on a seperate line/PC/ISP.

Code should:

poll webmail.client.com
If real data is received, do nothing.
If wrong data is received, but not what you expected (for instance HTTP error codes) email someone (to check the server, because changing IP will have the same results).
If no data is received or time out, use this URL to change the IP to the secundary line (if IP was already secundary, you're in deep troubles, unless the first IP is up again).:


Of course, use real username/password/hostname and IP number
Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm searching for an hosted system. Do you think I can do it with dyndns.org ?

Do you think that Dyndns.org can check itself if my webmail is OK ?
MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
You might be interested in cloud based load balancing system such as fortinet \ rack space which can provide this service hopefully
Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
The solution I found is less expensive & easiest to implement.
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