Exchange 2013 Mailbox Move Issue

I currently have an Exchange 2013 srver with 5 databases on it.  I am trying to move some mailboxes from one DB to another.  When I use the EAC to perform the migration it says the move was completed successfully, but nothing moved....

See attachment...error
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Sudhir BidyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try moving the mailbox using powershell. using New-Moverequest command

I faced similar problem few months ago and moving mailboxes using powershell was successful.
run Get-MailboxStatistics –Identity username and verify where the mailbox is at present.
BSModlinAuthor Commented:
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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Run Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity username | fl

This will give you detailed statistics on the mailbox move and hopefully shed some light as to what's happened to it.
BSModlinAuthor Commented:
VB ITSConnect With a Mentor Specialist ConsultantCommented:
Did you clear the mailbox move request? It doesn't sound like the move request even registered which is very odd.

Try using the New-MoveRequest command as mentioned by Sudhir above:
New-MoveRequest -Identity  dbsadmin -TargetDatabase "OtherDB"

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