Lost internet connection after installing VPN

Ive tried setting up a VPN server on my Windows 2008 R2.

I accidentally allowed the VPN to use both NICS, but I just wanted one.  Unfortunately, at the last step of the RRAS setup wizard, when it implements the changes made, I lost internet connection to the server in LAN1. I requested a power cycle on the server and the server eventually became accessible again when it rebooted. Unfortunately, it only remained so for a few minutes and then I lose all internet connectivity to it. I rebooted the server again and during the few minutes window I had, I uninstalled the RRAS role from the server. Unfortunately, the server still suffered from the same problem: I can only access it for a few minutes after it reboots, after which I lose all internet connectivity to it.

I moved the wire to LAN2 and it works fine.

Any thoughts on how to resolve the problem?
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
possibly, or readding the role may simply add the role back and through the RRAS management interface you can alter the interface.
Look at the routing table.
Is the RRAS role on? You would need to look to it on whether bridged the nic when the service starts.

Are both nics connected still?
djlightmanAuthor Commented:
Yes.  I have two on the motherboard.
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djlightmanAuthor Commented:
I believe the roles have been removed in order to try to reverse the condition
Are both currently plugged in?

At times removing the RRAS role does not change the changes to the Nic configuration which seems to be what happened to your setup.
One option might be to install teamviewer, logmein type
Do you have multiple devices to which you have access on either lan?
Under device manager, do you have tap devices in the network category?

Netsh to reset the configuration. Or using adapter properties to see what is there.
djlightmanAuthor Commented:
My mistake was to allow the wizard to utilize both motherboard nics.

In the past, selecting just one mic worked well.
I just want to reverse the changes that were madee so I could do it again.

Netsh will reset the adaptor?
netsh interface
    dump to output the config.
netsh interface ras
will get you into the RAS context of the interface and you might be able
if you have another system to confirm the settings on a regular one and on the one you have
djlightmanAuthor Commented:
I will try it.

would  rerunning the wizard Replace the configuration?
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