need help

Hi Team,

I have created one user mailbox. This user is not showing in GAL and OAB.
Steps taken

1. Unhide the check box "hide from exchange address list"
2. Run the cmdlet update-globaladdresslist -identity "default global address list"
3.runt the cmdlet update-reciepeint -identity "username"

still not working .
Manish KumarSr. Technical ConsultantAsked:
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Tim EdwardsConnect With a Mentor IT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
A couple things to check:

1. Check the Display Name in Active Directory User and Computers, under the properties of this user. The Display Name is what is used to populate the GAL

2. In outlook make sure for your Address Book that you set to the Global Address List and once again try searching for the Display Name that you verified in option 1
How long has it been?
Our GAL takes at least 24 hours to update.
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
try to send a few test mail and then check it
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Manish KumarSr. Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
mailbox has been created one month ago. email are getting delivered. only the user is not visible in GAL an OAB
Manish KumarSr. Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I also checked in the address list and when i hit on edit address list and hit on "Preview" button to check that user is also listed there.
Manish KumarSr. Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Tim,

I verified the display name. but no success.
I notice one thing.
Actvie directory domain structure is
two cdc - and

The user mailbox is created under and user is not visible to users in their OAB and GAL
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
When hitting the To.. button in outlook can you provide me snapshot of the window please...
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Does the user show in Outlook Web App when you search the GAL?
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