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I'm documenting a project (building an airplane) so friends, family and other builders can follow my progress. I've tried a couple of different methods and eventually settled on WordPress.  I'm not a web developer or programmer so I've had a bit of a learning curve.

I have two basic organization methods:
Category - for the year the task was done.
Series - section of the manual for the construction.

If I select to view the posts in a Series, the posts are displayed with the newest post first.  But in that context, it would be best to see the oldest post first.

Is there a way to have posts displayed oldest first in just that view (not all views)?

Here's the URL for the build log: www.velocity-xl.com/blog
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Don JohnstonInstructorAsked:
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Lucas BishopConnect With a Mentor Click TrackerCommented:
Also, I suspect the organizeseries plugin provides this functionality you are looking for, but their support area is only for paid subscribers, so I can't see much documentation.

On the wordpress page for the plugin I noticed this:

on the Series->Options page
* Control how posts in a series will be displayed on series archive pages. The default is by date in descending order (newest to oldest) - but you can order it by part too.

I'd check this area to see if you can specify different sorting for different series archive pages.
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
To clarify, you want the items under "Chapter" categories to be sorted in chronological (oldest to newest) order, correct?

This can generally be accomplished with some parameters in the URL:

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So you'd update the first link in the Chapter Menu on the left to be:

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However, for some reason this is not working on your site. I see you have the plugin http://organizeseries.com/ installed, which may conflict with this default WP functionality.

For reference you can see the functionality on a WP site here:
Reverse Chronological (default):

Chronological (url parameters):

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I'd try disabling that plugin and see if the functionality works. Alternatively, contact the plugin developer and see if they have a workaround for having their plugin coexist with this feature.
Don JohnstonInstructorAuthor Commented:
To clarify, you want the items under "Chapter" categories to be sorted in chronological (oldest to newest) order, correct?
Yes, that's what I'm looking to do.
I'd try disabling that plugin and see if the functionality works.
I'll try that and report back.

Don JohnstonInstructorAuthor Commented:
One quick question:  Will deactivating the series plugin change any of the content?  Or put another way, when I reactivate it, everything will go back to the way it was, right?
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
I would expect the plugin activation/deactivation to not cause any data to be changed in the database for the plugin/posts. If you want to be extra careful, you could backup your database prior to testing. That way you could just roll back in the event of a problem.
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