Outlook 2013 Not updating Inbox

Hello Everyone,

I am at a loss and I am hoping somebody can at least give me some recommendations i have not yet tried.

I have multiple users setup on Office 365 (E3) subscriptions. One particular user is having an issue from a laptop. Here is the sequence of events.
1) Configured user's Outlook 2013 profile to point to Office 365.
2) Tried various retention periods 1, 3, 6 months etc and all have the same result (which i will explain below).
3) The original sync starts to happen and when completed it displays all folders are up to date. Sending and receiving works without any issues.
4) Close outlook and re-open after 1 minute Outlook 2013 gets stuck on updating inbox for hours and nothing new comes in. We can send email, but it doesn't stop "updating inbox" hence new emails don't come in.

Here are things i have tried to resolve the issue but without any success:
1) I have tried automatically and manually configuring the Outlook Profile. Manual configuration does the HTTPS over RCP whereas automatic configuration does it over HTTPS direct.
2) I have tried different retention period as mentioned above. 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 months, entire mailbox. All have the same result.
3) I have tried using a different Network Card.
4) I have tried using a different Internet Connection.
5) Disabling Anti Virus
6) Disabling Plug-ins
7) Trying in Outlook Safe Mode

Other useful things to mention.
1) Setting up the same user on the same LAN but on a different computer works fine.
2) OWA works without any issues
3) Running Exchange in NON CACHE mode works fine (but we cannot work like this as it's too slow).
4) I already have a ticket open with Microsoft Support, but to date we have no resolution.

If someone out there has a solution to this, PLEASE share.

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VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried reinstalling Office? Sounds like an issue with the Office installation itself.

Perhaps try the manual uninstall method to completely get rid of Office from the machine, then reinstall from scratch: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/remove-Office-manually-1d1110d5-75a4-4154-969e-4260ff29b232
AquaITDeptAuthor Commented:
Hi VB, that is one thing i haven't tried together with trying to setup another user's profile on his outlook, but haven't had the opportunity to do. Reason being it takes a few hours to download the application due to bandwidth limitation and the user in question is already working 16 hour days, so for him to be without a machine for only a few hours is crippling. I will however try that when i get the opportunity.  

In the meantime any other suggestions welcome :)
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Doesnt look like size issue, but what's the profile size and are there any other shared mailboxes added? Have you tried disabling caching for additional mailboxes/PF?

If I understand you correctly, it seems to use MAPI/HTTP, so have you tried disabling that? Latest updates installed? :)
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AquaITDeptAuthor Commented:
This link is horrible on step one there are already issues: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/remove-Office-manually-1d1110d5-75a4-4154-969e-4260ff29b232 where it cannot delete the folder due to it being open (which it is not). Then the scheduled tasks they refer to dont exist either. I am discarding this link because it's no good, or at least no good in my situation and we are running a Click-To-Run installation
AquaITDeptAuthor Commented:
Vashil Hi. There are no additional (shared) mailboxes that we are trying to load. The user's mailbox is 5GB. All the latest updates have been installed yes.
VB ITSSpecialist ConsultantCommented:
This link is horrible on step one there are already issues: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/remove-Office-manually-1d1110d5-75a4-4154-969e-4260ff29b232 where it cannot delete the folder due to it being open (which it is not).
Sorry I should have been clearer in my instructions. Uninstall Office first using the normal method through the Control PanelPrograms and Features then go through the steps in that link.

You will no doubt find out that some steps simply don't apply to you but that's perfectly fine, manual uninstallation procedures are designed to help you get rid of all traces of a program if you can't uninstall it through regular methods. In this case, we just want to remove all traces of Office from the system that the uninstaller may not get rid of so we can start off fresh again.

Uninstall Office normally then go through each step in the link. If a step doesn't apply because it doesn't exist, ignore and continue to the next step until you're done.

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AquaITDeptAuthor Commented:

Unfortunately by that time i had already did it the ugly way by not starting through the control panel, nonetheless... i was able to remove enough traces for the program to re-install direct from the O365 control panel.

Believe it or not.... it actually solved the problem. How the world has changed. In the days that you installed software from a CD/DVD re-installing would have been the first thing I try, but in the new streaming age, that was the last thing I did, only because it takes +/-2 Hours just to download the software and those two hours we did not have.

Nonetheless... problem is resolved. I just hope it stays this way and the dirty uninstall process I followed doesn't have other knock-on effects.

Thanks again.
AquaITDeptAuthor Commented:
I am afraid now since we've done the re-install we have a new problem. Outlook crashes at least once an hour? Any ideas?

We follow Microsoft best practice where they state we should install MS Office 32 Bit even if the OS is 64Bit. Do you guys think putting the 64 Version may solve the problem.
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