Dell Latitude E7240 freezes when coming out of sleep

We have purchased and deployed a number of Latitude E7440's and E7240's and we are running into an issue with some of the E7240's.  When waking from sleep while on battery power, the machine will start to wake, the display will come back and I can move the cursor but within a second or two, the cursor will freeze and the machine will become totally unresponsive.  This almost always doesn't happen on AC but it has once or twice.  I've set the power plan to 1 minute and tested over and over again and it is reproducible every time.  The only way to recover from it is to power off the machine via the power button and restart it.

Right now this is happening on the original end-user's machine and 1 other deployed E7240 we were able to get back and test.  I have a couple of other E7240's deployed and I have an email out to the end users to bring them in so we can check them too.  

I've upgraded the BIOS from A09 to A13.  I've tried switching wireless control from Intel to Windows.  I've updated to the latest drivers on the Dell support site.

Machines are i7, 256GB SSD with 8GB RAM running Windows 7(64) Enterprise
Rick HeckbertAsked:
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Rick HeckbertAuthor Commented:
It appears we solved this issue.  We had purchased both E7440's and E7240's and theoretically they use the same hardware so we built the image on an E7440 and then imaged the E7420's with the same image.  All appeared fine until we started getting reports of this freezing issue on the E7420's.

After updating a number of things I noticed on Dell's support site that the Intel video driver recommended for the E7240 ( was older than the one we had installed (  I installed the older driver and that has seemed to fix the issue.  I pulled in another E7420 and could reproduce the wake issue on it every time.  I installed the older  video driver ( on it and it appears to be working normally.

Thanks everyone who replied
Jesse MoraNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I have the same issue but with a couple of Latitude E6430 models.....
i would take up the problem with Dell, and ask for a warranty repair /replacement
Jesse MoraNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I agree and Dell have been very helpful with warranties and replacement of parts or complete units
ha - that we could not know, before you tell us ! - tx for telling us
if no more help  is needed - don't forget to close this Q
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