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Hello all,
We were asked if there is a way to give read-only access to a mailbox but to prevent copying from that mailbox to the users mailbox. I only see a few settings under permissions but nothing as granular as the file and folder advanced permissions.
Damon RodriguezDirector of Business TechnologyAsked:
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Tim EdwardsConnect With a Mentor IT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
Here is a good step by step process to achieve this in Outlook or you can do it through exchange powershell

Damon RodriguezDirector of Business TechnologyAuthor Commented:
we are using Outlook 2010 and after following those steps the user still has the ability to move mail to their mailbox. Perhaps something changed or maybe this should be done on the Exchange server using powershell as you stated?
Damon RodriguezConnect With a Mentor Director of Business TechnologyAuthor Commented:
I tried that as well and the account with Reviewer permission is still able to copy the email to another folder. I have verified that the account is a normal domain user and does not have rights to the other mailbox other than what was set using the powershell command.
Damon RodriguezDirector of Business TechnologyAuthor Commented:
There was really no way to prevent copying of emails when the user has read-only access.
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