HP 2000 laptop, Windows 8, cannot start in Safe Mode

Client's HP 2000 Laptop, Windows 8.1; it has a virus and won't proceed past startup. I need to use Safe Mode, per directions here: http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/4924-advanced-startup-settings-boot-windows-8-a.html

However, the "Windows Startup Options" screen does not show; everything else does. Help!?!
Bruce CorsonPresidentAsked:
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"it has a virus and won't proceed past startup" - please describe how far exactly it gets.
Do you have a setup DVD? Use option 7 from http://www.eightforums.com/tutorials/4935-startup-options-menu-boot-windows-8-a.html
Bruce CorsonPresidentAuthor Commented:
Sorry, didn't respond. Option 2, step 5 did the trick. Thank you very much!
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