Add a save button to Google sheets

I don't know if I want a Save button, I don't know what my alternatives are, it's the first time using Google sheets.  I have a Master sheet set up for people to use, but I don't want them to have a chance to change the master and I don't trust them to create a copy before using the sheet.

I want them to start out opening the master but have the name changed after they open it and before they have the chance to make any changes.  The name of the new sheet should be the name used in the Master but add to it the current date. The new sheet can be added to the current workbook

Please include examples of code or pointers to samples that all ready work

Thanks for the help, remember its the first time using sheets
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Christopher BarnesCommented:
If your using Google Apps for Business it is possible to do most of what you are asking by using Templates. Templates can be created and saved for your own business (domain) access. When an actor selects the desired Template Sheet, a copy is made automatically and placed in their personal Google Drive. The copy of the Template Sheet is called "Copy of the original template name".

So the above basically this satisfies your request " I want them to start out opening the master but have the name changed after they open it and before they have the chance to make any changes." The name will be the same as the Template/Master with the pre-fix COPY. The date will be today's creation date.


Submitting a template to your domain template gallery
c7c4c7Author Commented:
We are not using Google Apps for Business
Christopher BarnesCommented:
You can also submit Templates to the Public Gallery if not using Google Apps. Of course the Template is available for the world to see, may or may not be an issue!
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c7c4c7Author Commented:
I would prefer to keep it private, is it not possible to accomplish what I want with some code
Christopher BarnesCommented:
I'm not a programmer but it looks like you may be able to do. Every Google Sheet can include Google Scripts ( You may be able to create a Google Script that creates a new file based on the master. You would set the master as read-only.

Google Script References for Drive

Google Script References for Sheets
c7c4c7Author Commented:
I've come up with some code that almost works for what I need, my problem is that I am getting a misleading error, in the script, that I do not know how to fix.  Can someone help

I get the following error "Missing ; before statement"
The error is pointing to this line -  DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
 I've looked at a lot of other code that people have posted for the same problem but do not see why I am getting the error, I'm sure it is something obvious

Thanks for the help
c7c4c7Author Commented:
Thanks for all of the help, see the attached file for how I solved the problem

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c7c4c7Author Commented:
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Just what I wanted
Christopher BarnesCommented:
I believe I assisted the author and should receive some points.
c7c4c7Author Commented:
As I understood it the moderator was going to make the decision.  I expect the moderator to do that
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