SQL server replacing disks question

Hi, on our database server we have a c drive (OS), D drive (databases), E drive (logs),

The C drive is on a ssd raid1, D drive on Sata raid 1, E drive on ssd raid 1, so each drive has their own disks on the raid controller.
I need to upgrade the types of drive of the d drive from sata to ssd, so during downtime I plan on stopping the sql services of the server to prevent read write and then copy the contents of the d drive to an external hard drive (copy and paste) , and then replace the drives, and then copy the contents back (copy and paste back).

Will it copy the permissions and folder properties of the d drive to the external hard drive and back? Is there anything else I need to worry about or do to make sure this works and goes smoothly from the sql/Windows server side? The raid side?

Some step by step would be nice, thanks.

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johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
According to what I know, the raid set would run at the slower speed of the old disks.  Essentially, it will send the write to both and wait for it to finish on both before moving on.  The ssd will be faster so it will just wait.  Once both drives are replaced they should run at the faster speed of the new drives.

You would want to confirm that with your SA and/or enclosure manufacturer.
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
there should be no special permissions on the files themselves, but only "inherit" from the folder they are in.
so copying back and forth should not result in anything going bad there.
johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
I am by no means an expert on the disk configurations, but why copy the data at all?

Break the mirror, replace 1 mechanical drive with a ssd, sync up the mirror and then repeat for the other drive.

Based on my knowledge that should work, but you should check with your system administrators.
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
johnsone, I guess it's in this one:
> I need to upgrade the types of drive of the d drive from sata to ssd <
johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
sata is not a type of disk.  It is a protocol over which disks communicate.  The ssd drives are likely sata.
dealstrikeAuthor Commented:
Correct, but while the existing 7200rpm disks that hold the D: are 1TB and so are the new SSDs, they are different models completely (old: intel, new: micron)...so I dont think breaking the raid and installing the new one will work?
dealstrikeAuthor Commented:
Will let everyone know how it goes on Fri
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