CRM Test Email Router Configuration error

Hi All,

Does anyone know what this error means when testing the Email router Configuration I get the following Incoming status error;
Incoming Status: Failure - The specified object was not found in the store. Verify that the specified user credentials have Receive permission on the target mailbox.
Outgoing Status: Succeeded

Any tips on what could be the cause or possible solutions would really be appreciated

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Feridun KadirConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
I think it suggests that the account used for an incoming profile doesn't have rights to an incoming mail box or there isn't a mailbox for one or more of the users specified to use the email router for incoming email.

It might be the forward mailbox account - if one is defined.
Shane KahkolaDirector of I.T.Commented:
Just in case nobody responds, I did some Google searching for you and found these URLs that might be helpful:

I'm not looking for accepted solution on this.
MattyS82Author Commented:
Do you have those URLS? I can't see them in your post.

MattyS82Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help
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