Creates a logical drive from the free space on the selected array.

On a HP ML350 G3.. with a E200i RAID controller.. I have added another drive to a RAID 5 Array and expanded the array.
Because the controller has no battery I cannot extend the logical drive.. the only option, in the Array Configuration Utility,  states 'Creates a logical drive from the free space on the selected array'.

Will this leave the existing logical drives intact.? and only create a new logical drive that I can format NTFS.?

I'm pretty sure it will.. but am being a bit paranoid and would like a 2nd opinion.

many thanks in advance

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Thomas RushCommented:
Yes, it will use only free space and not touch previously allocated space.  Create away!
You shouldn't have been able to expand the array without battery, must be a firmware bug that allowed it.
matedwardsAuthor Commented:
Great tone to your email.. Many thanks..
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