Vmware 2012 install TAB tip error looks nasty but I seem to be able to click thru it

I am not sure what this is , but right after i enter a license key I got this , any idea???
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
While technically not necessary in itself on a server, the fact that it is crashing is a concern as it points to a bigger underlying issue. Tabtip itself is just some tablet features, but since that means talking to hardware (nothing deep, and nothing complext to explain a crash), a crash with something so simple would be concerning regarding the health of the image used or with the server's underlying hardware, or a conflict when using an older virtualization platform.
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
yeah like VM version for 2012 ,, right on !!

checking on that !!!
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
ok I have set the version to vm version 9 and still get the error ,hmmmmmmmmm

I will try version 10 and let you know

NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
thanks and sorry for the delay
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