Drop Down Menus Not Working

How can I fix drop down menus not working when I click on them in Chrome?  This is on outlook web access site.  Works fine on Internet Explorer.  Has worked before on Chrome.  ,,

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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try right clicking on the page with the drop down boxes and choose "Reload".
Other programs have been know to interfere with Chrome drop down boxes, such as AdBlock and RoboForm.

Did you try a System Restore?
mvalencia2003 --
Run a System Restore to a date before the problem started.

If no help, what happens when you click for a dropdown menu?  Any messages?
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Nothing happens when clicking on a drop down menu

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Craig KehlerDirector of Customer Service & Community RelationsCommented:
This is kind of from left field, but do you by chance have a touch screen laptop? I've seen some scenarios where mouse click events won't register in chrome but the touch screen will work.
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Not touch screen ,

Craig KehlerConnect With a Mentor Director of Customer Service & Community RelationsCommented:
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